How to Draw a Purple Cartoon Shark

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 5, 2019

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This is a kid's purple cartoon shark.

They use these types of sharks as backpacks for school, toys and costumes.

To draw this shark, we will use a rectangle with rounded edges as the template. 

Or draw a square shape, then round the edges like in the picture.

How to Draw a Purple Cartoon Shark

Step 1 

Lesson 1 Purple_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Draw a rectangle at the center of your paper. Begin rounding the edges of each corner of the rectangle. 

The top and bottom of the rectangle should also round like in the image.

Step 2 

Lesson 2 Purple_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Sketch the inside of the cartoon shark's body like the nose, teeth, and eyes.

Carefully measure the curves on the face so that all objects align with each other.

Step 3 

Lesson 3 Purple_Cartoon_Shark_Guide-min

Doodle the shark's fins on each side of the body. Try to align each one so they look even on both sides.

Step 4 

Purple cartoon shark celebrating_image-min

Add the final details like the tiger stripes on the fins and anything you like.

Continue to add the purple color to the cartoon shark. 

Add a cool background with star balloons and bubbles.

Fun Shark Facts

Sharkskin is like sandpaper

You may expect a shark to have soft skin because they live in water. 

However, this is not the case because sharks' skin is like sandpaper. 

When you touch its skin, it feels exactly like real sandpaper. 

This is because they build shark skin with teeth-like structures. 

This helps to protect and strengthen the skin in cases of injury. 

In addition, the hardness helps in reorganizing the shark through the water to reduce instability. 

Also, the skin is different; It is mostly grey and very slippery. 

The thickness also helps the shark keep heat and support all the muscles that connect to the inner layer. 

Studies show that the thickness of the skin of a whale shark is around 10 centimeters.

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