How to Draw a Pink Cartoon Bird

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on January 14, 2020

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Today we will learn how to draw a pink cartoon bird. 

The main bird shapes are circles, but we also use triangles and cylinder shapes.

For this exercise, we use a rounded square because the bird's body has a similar shape.

This cartoon bird has a rounded square chest instead of a circular one.

How to Draw a Pink Cartoon Bird

Step 1

Lesson 1 Draw a Rounded Square

Draw a rounded square on the bottom right side of your paper.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Draw a Bird Chest and Wing

Sketch the cartoon bird's wing and chest. 

Use the rounded square to measure each line as accurately as possible.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Draw a Bird Tail and Head

Draw the pink cartoon bird's tail and head. The tail should have at least three bird feathers.

To draw the bird's head, you can use an egg shape.

Step 4

Lesson 4 Draw the Eyes and Beak

Sketch the eyes and beak as you see in the image. To draw the beak, use a triangular shape.

Step 5

Pink Cartoon Bird

Finish painting your pink cartoon bird by adding your favorite colors. 

For added effects, draw a tree branch underneath the bird.

Quick Drawing Guide for A Pink Cartoon Bird_image-min

How to Draw a Pink Cartoon Bird_coloring guide

Fun Bird Facts

The smallest bird in the world is a Hummingbird

We will find birds of different sizes and colors, but there is a tiny bird known as the hummingbird. 

It is the smallest bird in the world; We know it as the Bee Hummingbird whose weight is 1.6 grams. 

This means that the bird’s weight is less than that of a penny.

We know the largest hummingbird as the giant hummingbird. 

It weighs around 24 grams; But according to several studies, the average weight of a hummingbird is four grams.

Amazingly, a hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward and sideways.

Hummingbirds are native to Americas and are known as hummingbirds because of their humming sound that is created by their beating wings. 

They have no sense of smell but have very good eyesight. 

Even though they are the smallest birds, they are among the most aggressive birds. 

They will attack any bird including crows, jays, and hawks.

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