How to Draw a Mummy Girl (Ghoul School)

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on April 19, 2019


Learn how to draw a cartoon mummy girl from scratch.

I got this cartoon idea from the movie "Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School".

This cartoon mummy is for more advanced artists, but try it.

Step 1

Draw a small circle on the top center of your drawing paper.

This will be the mummy's head.

Step1 Mummy Head

Step 2

Draw the mummy's body by adding a triangular shape to the bottom of the small circle.

Step2 Mummy Body

Step 3

For the mummy's feet, draw a small rectangular shape to the bottom of the triangle.

It looks a bit weird but it will help you when drawing the feet.

Step3 Draw the Mummy Feet

Step 4

Draw the mummy's face as you see in the picture. Make the eyes a little bigger so they stand out more.

Step4 Mummy Face

Step 5

To draw the body, you can sketch a bell shape for the mummy's body.

Also draw the cartoon's arms as you see in the image.

Step5 BodyDetails

Step 6

Using the bottom rectangular shape as a guide, draw the mummy's feet inside the shape.

Step6 Leg Details

Step 7

Sketch the final details like the girl mummy's bow on top of her head.

Finish adding the clothing stripes on her entire body.


Step 8

Add your favorite colors to the girl mummy's eyes, face and the rest of the picture.

Step8Colored Mummy Girl

Start drawing with our list of favorite art materials below.

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