How to Draw a Green Hammerhead Cartoon Shark

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 3, 2019

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This green hammerhead cartoon shark looks more realistic than a cartoon.

The only difference is the eye which I created to look cartoonish.

When creating this shark, we will use an oval shape for the body.

You can also use an eye shape to create the body.

How to Draw a Green Hammerhead Cartoon Shark

Step 1 

Lesson 1 Green_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Sketch an oval shape in the center of your paper.

The oval shape should be slanted downward the same as in the image.

Step 2 

Lesson 2 Green_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Start drawing the cartoon shark's body like in the picture.

Measure the distance between the fish's fins to get the right measurements.

Don't worry too much about the fin and tail details, concentrate on the shapes and angles.

Step 3 

Lesson 3 Green_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Draw the shark's hammerhead as you see in the image.

The head has a small curve, therefore, it's not straight.

Sketch a cartoon eye on the left side of the head.

Step 4 

Lesson 4 Green_Cartoon_Shark_Guide

Complete the final details which include the cartoon shark's gills, stripes, and fins.

Color your cartoon shark green or with your favorite colors.

Add seahorses in the background with ocean bubbles.

Shark Facts 101

Sharks do not have bones

Another amazing fact about sharks is that they do not have bones. 

Most people do not believe this because of their size and how they attack other animals. 

But they have confirmed that sharks do not have the normal bones that you would expect. 

Teeth are the only bones in the body of sharks.

Sharks have a soft tissue known as cartilage that is lighter than bones. 

Hence, they can swim quickly and float very well.

Also, the flexibility of the cartilage gives them the power to bend more easily than other fish. 

Also, they have spines that fill the function of the bones. Their skeleton is very light to help them float. 

However, even though they do not have bones, they can easily harden.

Draw your sharks using dependable art materials. See our favorite art sets below.

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