How to Draw a Gray Cartoon Bird in the Clouds

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on February 20, 2020

Pájaro gris de dibujos animados_imagen_destacada

In this lesson, we will study how to draw a gray cartoon bird.

This bird has a unique shape with a cartoonish beak.

Begin by studying each shape and how they connect to each other.

Also, keep in mind, the bird is flying through the clouds in the sky.

How to Draw a Gray Cartoon Bird in the Clouds

Lesson 1

Step 1 Draw a Segment Shape

Draw a shape of a tasty ice pop in the center of your sketchbook.

Leave extra space to the left side of your paper.

Lesson 2

Step 2 Draw the Body

Sketch the gray cartoon bird's body inside the ice pop template.

Measure each curve against the template.

Lesson 3

Step 3 Draw the Crest

Draw the crest and the tail as you see in the image.

They locate both objects to the right of the image.

Lesson 4

Step 4 Draw the Beak

Sketch the bird's beak with large lines to make it look cartoonish.

Notice that the bird's beak is a little wider than the width of the body.

Lesson 5

Step 5 Draw the eye of the gray cartoon bird.

Draw the eye and feathers just like in the picture. 

Lesson 6

Gray Cartoon Bird in the Sky

Wrap up your drawing by painting your gray cartoon bird.

Add clouds in the sky for a realistic look.

Fun Bird Facts

The only feathered animals are birds

In most cases, animals are distinguished by their skin covering. 

Some animals have fur, hair, scales or exoskeletons. 

But for birds, they are the only animals covered with feathers. 

There are different feathers found in different species of birds.

Even though feathers are used to help birds to fly, they can weigh more than a bird skeleton. 

In some bird species, the skeleton is just five percent of the total weight. 

This means the features account for a substantial portion.

Feathers can do more than just helping the bird to fly.

They help to protect the body from elements such as thorns, insects and harsh climate. 

They also help birds attract mates because of their lovely colors. 

Also, some birds use feathers to transport water back to the nest for the chicks.

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