How to Draw a Classic Cartoon Snowman with Reindeer

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 14, 2019

Imagen destacada Muñeco de nieve clásico

A classic cartoon snowman is easy to draw because it has basic shapes.

This snowman has three odd shapes: the hat, nose, and the pipe.

The rest of the shapes are circles and for the arms and fingers we use straight lines.

How to Draw a Classic Cartoon Snowman

Step 1

Step 1 Draw the body.

Draw three circles starting from the largest at the bottom of the paper.

The second circle is the middle one that is smaller than the big circle.

Sketch the smallest circle on the top of the middle circle.

The top circle shape is slightly smaller than the middle one.

Step 2

Step 2 Sketch the hat.

Draw the classic cartoon snowman's hat on the top circle.

Sketch the pipe like the letter "L."

Finish drawing the arms and fingers using straight lines.

Step 3

Step 3 Draw the details of the classic cartoon snowman.

Sketch the first belly button on the middle circle.

Then, draw a big button on the bottom circle.

Start drawing the cartoon snowman's face; We can draw the nose like a teardrop.

Step 4

Classic Cartoon Snowman

Complete your classic cartoon snowman by adding colors and reindeer in the background.

Try adding snow falling from the sky for added effect.

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Fun Snowman Facts

Most Snowmen built in an hour

Building a good and lovely snowman is not an easy task.

It may take you several hours to build a single snowman. 

However, some people in Japan hold the record of building most snowmen in an hour.

It took the witnesses and the adjudicators over two hours to count and measure all the snowmen.

According to the reports, over 2000 snowmen were built by hand in one hour on Zuriyama Observation in Akabira Japan.

Over 1400 people took part in the activity of building all these snowmen. 

Happily, because of their teamwork, they kept a record of building 2036 snowmen in just an hour.

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