How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman - Using Circles

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 6, 2019

Cómo dibujar un muñeco de nieve de dibujos animados con círculos

Let's draw a Cartoon Snowman.

This snowman is designed mostly with basic circles and rectangles.

The face has more challenging lines and shapes to draw.

How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman

Step 1

Draw the three main circles in the center of your paper.

Each circle has a unique size, from small to large.

Step 2

Draw two small circles for the snowman's eyes.

You should slant the eyes like in the picture.

On the bottom of both circles, draw a happy smile.

Step 2 Cartoon Snowman

Step 3

Draw the snowman's eyes, nose, and mouth. The eyes have two color layers.

You can color in the eyes and the rest of the details like in the image.

Step 3 Cartoon Snowman

Step 4

Draw the snowman's winter hat. We can draw the hat with a long rectangle. 

For the top of the hat, you can use a square shape.

Step 4 Cartoon Snowman

Step 5

Draw four circles starting from small to big. Draw two small circles on the top part of the body.

Sketch the largest circles on the bottom of the body. These are the snowman's black buttons.

Step 5 Cartoon Snowman

Step 6

Draw the cartoon snowman's arms. First, draw a two long rectangles for the arms.

Now draw the hands by drawing two smaller rectangles on each arm.

Step 6 Cartoon Snowman

Step 7

Finish your drawing by adding color as you see in the picture. Try adding different colors.

Color the carrot nose orange and the buttons with bright colors. Color the snowman's hat purple.

Step 7 Cartoon Snowman

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Fun Snowman Facts

The world’s tallest snowman was in Maine, USA

Since there are different sizes of snowmen, do you know that the largest snowman ever constructed was a snow woman?
One amazing fact about snowmen that you may not know is that the tallest snowman ever built was a snowman and was erected in Maine, USA.

They constructed this tall and huge snow woman in 2008 and beat the previous snowmen ever created.

The sculpture was 122 feet, and no one has beat the record.

They constructed it using over 13,000,000 pounds of snow.

Other materials that were used include the wreath for the buttocks and face, tires, and full-size trees.

This giant snow woman was known as Olympia.

They created it as an honor of the senator representing the State of Maine during that time.

It involved kids and adults to build the snow woman.

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