How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Gifts

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 20, 2019
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Today, you will long how to draw a cartoon snowman with gifts and a long hat.

They decorate Snowmen with many types of clothing, but long hats make them look happier.

We will use two main types of shapes, circles for the body and eyes, and rectangles for the hat and scarf.

Notice two things, the snowman's hat is tilted to the right and the body to the left.

Learn to draw cartoons with different angles and positions to get better at drawing.

How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman with Gifts

Step 1

Step 1 Cartoon Snowman with Long Hat-min

Draw one big circle on the bottom of your paper and one smaller circle on top for the snowman's head.

Try placing the smaller circle a little to the left.

Step 2

Step 2 Cartoon Snowman with Long Hat-min

Sketch the right and left arm of the snowman; try aligning both arms so they look even on both sides.

Draw the snowman's hat as you see in the image. The hat should be long and big.

Step 3

Step 3 snowman guide

Add the scarf to the center of the snowman's neck.

Draw the rest of the scarf using a long triangle shape.

Sketch the snowman's face like you see in the picture; The nose is a carrot stick.

Step 4

Step 4 snowman guide

Draw the snowman's belly buttons and the hat details. Notice that the hat has a holly flower.

Step 5

Cartoon Snowman with Gifts

Complete your drawing by coloring your cartoon snowman with gifts with your favorite colors.

For added effects, sketch presents in the background and add snowflakes.

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Fun Snowman Facts

Japan is Good at Creating Snowmen

For the creation of snowmen, Japan is among the most well-organized countries. 

People from various countries in Japan love breaking records for snowman production. 

There are many amazing facts about snowmen build in Japan. 

One interesting fact is that the people of Sapporo, Japan created 12,379 snowmen in 2003. 

This means that the snowmen created in that town outnumbered individuals.

Since the town is sparsely populated, we believe everyone took part in the event.

After erecting the sculptures, they placed candles on their bellies. 

This attracted a lot of tourists; And from that year, the town holds the festival every year.

Keep your art materials up-to-date and read more about our favorite ones below.

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