How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit Snowman

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 19, 2019

muñeco de nieve de un conejo

Rabbits are playful in the snow, that's why people want to draw a cartoon rabbit snowman.

There are two important shapes for building this snowman. 

The bunny's head is a circle, and the body is a rounded quare.

I also added heart shapes for the rabbit's feet to make it look loveable.

How to Draw a Cartoon Rabbit Snowman

Step 1

Lesson 1 Bunny

Sketch a rounded square to the bottom part of your paper; Make it bigger than the circle.

On top of the rounded square, add a circle for the cartoon rabbit snowman's head.

Step 2

Lesson 2 Bunny

Draw two rabbit ears on top of the circle you created; Measure each ear so it aligns both.

Sketch two circles for the bunny's hands and two heart shapes for the feet.

Step 3

Lesson 3 Cartoon Bunny Snowman-min

Draw the rabbit's face as you see in the image; Add a carrot nose pointing up.

Step 4

Cartoon Rabbit Snowman

Add the pink color to the hands and feet. Get creative and add snow birds in the background.

For additional fun, draw snow and a big snowflake in back of the cartoon rabbit snowman.

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Fun Snowman Facts

The Snowman, Snowzilla

Even though there are various types of snowman created by different people in various countries, there is one person who always builds a snowman known as Snowzilla. 

Since 2005, Billy Powers create the snowman before the Christmas season.

Snowzilla is a huge snowman that attracts a lot of attention and returns every year because of its popular demand. 

It features beer bottles, a carrot nose, and a corncob pipe among other things. 

Some people come from far to see the giant snowman; However, not everyone loves Snowzilla.

In 2008, some neighbors complained that Snowzilla was causing a lot of traffic in the area. 

Hence, the city officials had to stop Mr. Bill from erecting it; But because of public outcry, Snowzilla has returned.

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