How to Draw a Cartoon Mushroom - 5 Easy Steps

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on September 8, 2019


To draw a cartoon mushroom there are two big steps.

The mushroom head is the largest object and the body.

Each shape has its own details to draw.

The cartoon mushroom to draw is simple.

How to Draw a Cartoon Mushroom

Step 1

Draw the head of the mushroom like an umbrella.

Or draw the letter C and flip it forward.

Step1 cartoon Mushroom head

Step 2

Draw the body of the mushroom under the head.

It should be a rectangle with rounded edges.

Step2 cartoon Mushroom body

Step 3

Draw the mushroom eyes and mouth at this time.

The eyes are big round buttons and the mouth shaped like a rainbow.

Step3 cartoon Mushroom face

Step 4

Draw small circles on the mushroom head for the details.

Step4 cartoon Mushroom details

Step 5

Add colors to your mushroom by coloring inside the shapes.

Color the head and body first, then color the circles, eyes and mouth.

Step5 cartoon Mushroom colored

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