How to Draw a Cartoon Earthworm on a Rock

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on March 13, 2020

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Today we draw a cartoon earthworm on top of a rock. 

Earthworms have many shapes that build the worm's body.

Some have triangle, cylinder, and tube shapes all around the body.

Concentrate on one step when creating the front part of the worm.

How to Draw a Cartoon Earthworm on a Rock

Step 1

Step 1 Draw two circles

Draw two circles to the left of your paper. 

The top circle is slightly bigger than the bottom.

Step 2

Step 2 Connect the circles

Join the top circle with the bottom circle.

Focus on the curves of each line when drawing the cartoon earthworm.

Step 3

Step 3 Draw the Body

Sketch the body of the worm behind the two circles.

Keep both sides even so it doesn't come out skinny.

Step 4

Step 4 Draw the Face of the cartoon earthworm

Draw the worm's face with two eyes and a happy smile. 

Use the circle template to create the worm's face.

Begin drawing the stripes on the worm's body.

Step 5

Cartoon Earthworm on a Rock

Paint your cartoon earthworm with pretty colors. 

Add a rock on the bottom of the worm and a palm tree in the rear.

How to Draw a Cartoon Earthworm Quick Drawing Guide

Fun Worm Facts

Worms can eat a lot in one day

Another interesting fact about worms is that they can eat their own weight in one day.

We believe that worms eat anything that was living but now is dead and decomposing. 

They eat organic materials that include dead grass, leaves and other elements.

And since they can eat everything, they can eat their own weight in a day.

Fortunately, they help to keep the soil healthy for plants to grow.

Apart from the normal soft materials such as leaves and grass, they can even eat tiny rocks with organic matter on them.

As a result, by eating everything, they enrich the soil and make great fertilizers.

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