How to Draw a Cartoon Angelfish with a Heart

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on March 20, 2020

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Are angelfish sent from heaven? I don't know, but this lesson will teach you how to draw a cartoon angelfish with a heart.

This angelfish has three cool shapes, a circle for the body, triangles for the fins and hearts.

Our focus is drawing the fins with a triangle shape to represent the angelfish.

Some angelfish have spots on them, so I drew a heart instead.

How to Draw a Cartoon Angelfish with a Heart

Step 1

Step 1 Draw a Circle

Draw a small circle to the left of your paper.

Leave enough room on top and at the bottom.

Step 2

Step 2 Draw the Fins

Sketch the cartoon angelfish's fins using a triangular shape. 

For the tail, draw an arrow tip pointing to the left, then round it out.

Step 3

Step 3 Draw the Face

Draw the face of the fish as you see in the picture.

When drawing the mouth, use a small heart for the lips.

To the right, draw the fin close the fish's eye.

Step 4

Step 4 Draw the Details for the Cartoon Angelfish

Continue sketching the final details, then erase any unwanted lines.

Step 5

Cartoon Angelfish

Add bright colors to your new cartoon angelfish.

In the background, add bubbles and other aquatic life.

How to Draw a Cartoon Angelfish Quick Drawing Guide

Fun Fish Facts

Many fish are like humans

Fish need oxygen to live, but they don't have lungs like humans.

They use gills that extract oxygen from water to survive.

However, fish can live outside of water for a short period.

If you catch a fish while fishing, it's not dead.

The fish may play dead, but if you throw it back in the water, it will swim away.

While fishing, don't have your radio turned on loud.

Fish can hear or sense noises from far away and may get scared.

When fish get hungry and eat, they don't chew their food.

Chewing food will stop the flow of water and oxygen going to their gills.

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