How to Draw a Blue Cartoon Shark in the Sea

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on December 2, 2019

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Today, I will show you how to draw a blue cartoon shark using a circle shape.

We use the circle shape as the main template to guide you through each step.

There are other shapes we can use as the template, like the oval or egg shapes.

Some artists draw the eye shape to create the shark's body.

How to draw a Blue Cartoon Shark

Step 1

Step 1 Drawing a Blue Cartoon Shark-min

Draw a circle shape in the middle of the drawing paper.

Don't make it too big or else the shark's fins may pop out of the picture.

Step 2

Step 2 Drawing a Blue Cartoon Shark-min

Sketch the cartoon shark's body around the circle like the picture.

Use the circle to measure and guide each line. Continue drawing the shark's tail and fins.

Step 3

Step 3 Drawing a Blue Cartoon Shark-min

Draw the shark's eye with a large circle to give it the cartoon effect.

Continue drawing the mouth full of sharp teeth and the fish's gills to the right.

Step 4

A blue cartoon shark in the sea_image-min

Finish adding the body lines and other small details.

Finish coloring your blue cartoon shark with a variety of colors.

Add some fish and seaweed to the background for added effects.

Coloring page

Shark Facts 101

The shark is the world’s biggest fish.

Sharks are among the most feared fish in the world.

They are found in oceans and seas all over the world.

We believe they have been around even before the mighty dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

Research shows that sharks have existed for over 400 million years. 

One interesting fact about sharks that you might not know is that the whale shark is the world’s biggest fish.

This is a very long type of fish.

According to many studies, a whale shark can be as long as your school bus.

Hence, it is probably the largest living non-mammalian.

Apart from being a long fish, its average weight is around 30,000 pounds.

Because of its large body, this shark can bully almost all animals in the water.

We also believe that the whale shark is the one that swallowed the Bible Character, Jonah, where he stayed for three days.

Although it is the largest fish, male whale sharks are smaller than their female counterparts.

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