How to Draw a Blue Cartoon Bird in Between Trees

Posted in Cartoon Tutorials on February 13, 2020

pájaro azul de dibujos animados_imagen_destacada

This blue cartoon bird had a bad day, so it needs a little love. 

The bird's best friend moved up north to find food and a better nesting place. 

However, when winter approaches, she will return with more friends.

To draw this bird, we will use a rounded square and the letter "B" to create the eyes.

How to Draw a Blue Cartoon Bird

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Draw a Round Square-min

Sketch a rounded square in the center of your paper.

Leave room on top for the bird's small crest.

Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Draw the Body-min

Draw the outline of the blue cartoon bird's body which looks like a popsicle; Use the rounded square as a guide.

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Draw the Wings-min

Doodle the crest and the bird's wings like in the image; Each part is similar in size.

Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Draw the blue cartoon birds face

Draw the bird's eyes using the letter "B"; Bend the top part of the eyes downward for a sad expression.

Continue drawing the bird's beak in the center of the body.

Lesson 5

Blue Cartoon Bird

Paint your blue cartoon bird the same as in the picture.

Add trees in the background with colorful leaves.

Fun Bird Facts

Birds communicate using sounds

Even though the songs of birds are inspiring and soothing to many humans, the birds can communicate with each other.

Birds use a sound or action to communicate with each other. 

They can use sounds to alert other birds about dangers or can scare away predators.

However, not all bird species can sing; There are some that just make sounds while others are songbirds. 

Male birds sing to announce their presence or to defend their territory. 

Even though females sing, they do not sing as regular as males. 

Some birds just sing one song while others have several in their collection. 

The bright colors of some birds serve as supremacy over others.

The common form of communication among birds is the call notes. 

They use call notes to locate mates or to communicate with each other while flying. 

Some common call notes (bird language) include caw, chirp, screech, peep and click.

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