Gravit Designer Review - A Closer Look

Posted in Blog on November 25, 2018


Gravit designer is a free software program for professional and novice graphic designers. It comes with numerous tools to help designers create some of the best designs.

When compared to many programs on the market, it is the simplest program. With its great features, it is easy to edit images and come up with a professional presentation.

Gravit is a remarkable software utility that most graphic designers use. It has great tools needed to create elegant and functional screen designs.

It is also an amazing application you can use to make presentations, icons, and designs for prints. If you have been using programs such as Photoshop, this is a good replacement.

A Cloud-Based Application

Drinks_14Gravit designer is a vector graphics design solution for graphic designers, product designers, and web-designers. With its powerful tools, you can easily unleash true creativity.

Some of the great tools include structure design, precision, text, vector, style, and many more. It's also cloud-based which you can store your files in the cloud.

With such tools and features, creating impressive animation, art and presentation is a fast process. Gravit designer is capable of revolutionizing the way you handle your design tasks.

Also, the application can run as a desktop application or an in-browser. It also works very well on Mac devices and on Windows. The interface is also user-friendly and very clean to use.

What are the main features of Gravit designer?

Gravit designer provides a wide range of tools and features that outshines many programs on the market. It is a program that can help you elevate your designs to another level.Kids_playing

Its simple to use even for users using the program for the first time. Below are some of the great features of Gravit designer.


• Layers – The layer system is one of the greatest features in Gravit Designer. You do not need to double-click to choose an object.

It is also easier to provide custom colors for layers. Users can also organize their own layers.

• Image editing tool – another important feature that can help you solve effects is the image editing tool

• Hot key-zooming – with Gravit Designer, you can quickly search between several zoom levels

• Symbols – with this application, it is possible to add the missing pieces. You can also turn the whole element or some layers into reusable symbols.

• Ability to resize the layers using your keyboard

• Style – With Gravit Designer you can make styles for borders, appearance, effects, and text.

• Text – text editing is available with the program

Who should use Gravit designer?

Baby_clothe_16Gravit designer is a remarkable software for professionals and hobbyists.

If you have been intimidated by some of the advanced tools such as Sketch and Photoshop, but you are looking for a program with more tools, Gravit Designer might be the one for you.

Gravit Designer has outstanding tools such as drawing tools, layering, shapes, text, and effects. These tools are more advanced but simplified and are easy to understand even by a novice.

So if you are at the intermediate level, this application suits you perfectly. The effects and the controls are easily accessible, this means it is so easy to create your own designs.

Why use Gravit designer?

With Gravit designer, there are many reasons why you should have it. For instance, if you are a beginner, the tutorials tab in the program's main view gives access to the most important tools.

It is one of the best software applications that can help you build your designs from scratch. It also comes with a small library of illustrations, shapes, and icons.

What are the benefits of using Gravit designer?

1. It's possible to print your work under multiple configurationspopcorn_49

2. With Gravit Designer, you can now create a color palette

3. Availability of a library of shapes, icons, and illustrations.

4. It is more convenient to create a mask with the shape when using Gravit designer.

5. Some programs that require a monthly fee have fewer features and tools than Gravit designer.

6. It has a built-in exporter to JPG, PDF, SVG, and PNG

7. The capability to allocate layers to exact pages and be able to view multiple or a single page at a time makes the work of designing a website easy.

8. With Gravit Designer it is possible to re-use the same designs for inputs, buttons and in several places.

9. Since it is possible to open sketch files, it makes it easier for Window/Linux users to collaborate with users who use the sketch.

10. The program is always updated. This means there are always new amazing features added.


• It is a free vector-designer program. There are no pricing fees.

• Gravit designer is simple to use

• Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux

• Well advanced and developed

• It is helpful and has more advanced features than other applications.

• Easy to export your assets.

• Very simple to design many pages.

• Easy to view multiple pages at once

• A clean and very helpful UI

• The availability of symbols and library

• You can open sketch files very fast


• Due to rapid changes, the program is unpredictable. For instance, it was first an open source, then a closed-sourced.

• It is more of a vector art program than a web-design tool.


Parrots_13Gravit Designer is a fabulous program with amazing tools. It is a flexible cross-platform, actively developed and very simple to use.

So, if you want a simple design program to perform complicated tasks, Gravit Designer is worth your consideration.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, Gravit designer is a great tool for you. It is one of the simplest design programs to use and gets your tasks done very fast.

The UI is in-built and clean to improve the entire editing experience. Also, the availability of libraries of vectors and designs are more than what you need for your day-to-day needs.

Hence, if you love to draw illustrations or your love is on designing UI, Gravit Designer is a software you should consider.

Gravit Designer is a program that will provide you with a simplified designing experience.

It has great tools and features for all your tasks. It's also a great software program for beginners or students wanting to learn about vector designing.

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