Get Familiar with the Etsy Marketplace: Art and Craft

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While it may sound weird to sell cartoon crafts on Etsy, many people are already doing it.

Everything you learn here in Let's Draw Cartoons can be applied to your project or business.

If you're filled with creative thoughts, you can become successful with Etsy.

Etsy, a Place for Creative People

Etsy is a popular e-commerce site that focuses on vintage items or handmade crafts.

These items include art, photographs, bath and beauty products, food, jewelry, toys, quilts, and many others.

You can also sell supplies such as beads and art tools on the site. The website has become popular all over the world due to its culture of promoting ideas and creativity.

It has more than 50 million members, over one million active sellers, and around 20 million active buyers.

Who's Interested in Etsy?

Etsy is an international marketplace for creative items. The mission of Etsy is to make the site a place where people can turn their creativity into a business.

At this site, you are connected with millions of buyers searching for something special made by innovative people.

Some years back, most artisans and crafters sold their items at open markets, fairs and on consignment.

Fortunately, Etsy has opened an avenue where crafters and artisans can reach people beyond their local areas.

It is a marketplace for creative entrepreneurs.

If you have handmade products and old-fashioned pieces, this is a site for you.

With this platform, you do not need to set up your website to sell the items online.

Even though there are many sites that can help you sell your pieces, Etsy is specifically for artisans and crafters.

As a seller, you are allowed to set-up an online “Shop” with e-commerce capabilities.

The process of setting up an online store is simple, easy, fast, effective and very affordable. Some goods sold on Etsy include:

• Jewelry

• Interior design items

• Handmade clothing for kids and adults

• Games and toys

• Craft tools and supplies

• Gifts for babies, mothers, and infants

• Vintage

• Decorations such as party decorations

• Art and collectibles

• Unique handmade items such as masks and crafts

What does the site contain?

Etsy is a solid avenue for selling homemade items.

One thing about this platform is that it is very user-friendly.

If you are planning to open a shop on Etsy, the process is straightforward.

You can open a shop and start selling within a day. In addition, their customer service is very friendly.

The other great thing with Etsy is that it has an amazing reputation.

Many sellers and buyers all over the world trust the site.

Once, you open a shop on Etsy, you can be assured that most things will run smoothly and you will have genuine buyers.

If you would like to advertise on Etsy, it is affordable.

All you need is to set an advertising budget, and they will do everything for you. In addition, the site has a great community.

World-wide Products on Etsy

Here, you can communicate with others sellers and buyers with ease.

Also, customers can ask questions and clarify things through the messaging system before making a purchase.

Esty is an international market site.

If you would like to sell your items to international buyers, you need to open a shop at Etsy.

You can sell your crafts to people in UK, Australia, Africa, America and other parts of the world.

This means even if you are a rookie in Etsy, you can be assured to reach many people.

If you deal with digital products such as social media icons, digital prints, logos, and others, you can list them on Etsy as well.

A Competitive Marketplace

The buyers will choose the products, and easily download them. However, not everything is pleasing at Etsy.

For instance, the site is very competitive.

Since it is popular, a lot of people crowd there to sell their goods.

If you are a new seller, you should expect a lot of competition.

Also, brand recognition at Etsy is difficult.

When someone finds an item at your shop, they may not recognize you as the main brand, all they see is the Etsy brand.

For instance, if you are selling handmade clothes for kids, customers may think Etsy is the actual creator of the item, not your brand.

New sellers on Etsy will have to work hard to establish their brand in order to get recognized.

What are the main features of Etsy?

If you deal with photography, art, clothing, food, beauty, and toys, Etsy has outstanding features to help you sell your items.

On the Etsy website, you will be able to build a community, sell your items, and collect your payments through various modes of payment.

Items at Etsy are divided into different categories that include household and interior items, handicraft goods, jewelry, artistic articles, photographs, gaming and entertainment, designer clothes, and other categories.

Customers who purchase items on this site look for items crafted by sellers, tools, and materials for handiwork, and old goods.

One great feature about Etsy is that it sells unique items.

Through Etsy, you can have your own shop that is tied to the website.

Apart from selling the items, you are advised to describe a history of the items to attract more buyers.

How to open a shop at Etsy

Etsy is a market site for vintage goods and handmade items.

Having been in existence for many years, it has attracted many buyers and sellers.

It is a site that has united millions of people all over the world.

First, you need to open an account with Etsy.

Keep in mind that you cannot change the name after opening a profile.

Then click the “Sell-on-Etsy” button to open a shop.

After opening your shop, choose the language you want to use.

English is highly recommended but you can add more languages later.

Then choose a currency you prefer.

If you are outside America, payments can be made through PayPal or credit cards.

Then indicate the store name and fill the information about the store. You can also have a store logo.

Then add your products to your shop.

Ensure you use attractive pictures from different angles.

After you have filled the required sections, publish the information and open the shop to be seen by all users.

Etsy Alternatives

Etsy has numerous advantages that include easy sign-ups, many opportunities for small vendors, a big community for artists, and the ability to have many customers due to the popularity of the site.

However, it has a few disadvantages such as high listing and transaction fees.

If you feel you may want to consider other sites, some of the best Etsy alternatives are Shopify, Square Online Store, and Volusion.

I personally don't have an account with Etsy because I haven't created anything to sell yet.

Maybe in the future I can come up with some cool things to sell.

However, if you have creative items to sell, I would definitely give it a try.

Leave your comments below and let us know if you're having success online with Etsy.

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