Top 10 Famous Cartoon Mice: Bring Cheese

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We all love cartoons, especially the funny characters.

Even though some creatures make us sad, mad or depressed, we can't live without them.

Most of the famous cartoon shows involve unusual animals such as dogs, cats, and mice.

Some creatures that have made a mark on the cartoon world are mice.

We all love cartoon rodents. From Mickey Mouse to Jerry of Tom & Jerry, they have fascinated our minds since they appeared on the screens.

Most mice cartoons are friendly, cute and naughty.

Even though they are not a threat to people, they are a nuisance to their predators.

The predators will keep chasing them for days without success.

If you love watching cat and mouse shows, then read about our top ten mice.

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Mice

1. Rizzo the Rat

Rizzo the Rat is a fictional rat appearing on The Muppet Show and on other favorite films.

His character is unique since he is one of the rats that follow Christopher Reeve.

His funny side can be naughty in some parts.

He has more than 1000 siblings in The Muppet Show Christmas Carol, and he comes from a family that traditionally cooked pizza.

2. Jerry of Tom & Jerry

Jerry from the famous Tom & Jerry cartoon show is another renowned cartoon mouse.

He is engaging, funny, very curious, and smarter than Tom.

Being one of the title characters, Jerry has more fans than Tom.

The Tom & Jerry show is a classic one that has remained popular for many years.

The idea of having a smart mouse and a simple house-cat has made the show one of the most watched cartoon shows all over the world.

Some time, Tom and Jerry are friends. However, Jerry always outsmarts Tom.

3. Mickey Mouse

A Mickey Mouse sketch.

Mickey Mouse is probably the first rodent to appear on the screens.

His character, his clothes, and his moves are some things to be admired.

He usually wears huge yellow shoes, a red shirt, and the famous white gloves.

The white gloves make him look clean and tidy rather than an ordinary mouse.

He is a funny character that was created by Walt Disney. He first appeared in a short film called “Plane Crazy”.

But today, he has appeared in many films, shows, and books. Generally, Mickey looks alongside his pet Pluto, girlfriend Minnie, and friends Goofy and Donald Duck.

Currently, he is the main character in the Disney’s show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

4. Speedy Gonzales

Speedy Gonzales is the fastest rodent in Mexico.

This means he can run very fast, speak fast, and speaks with a Mexican accent.

Speedy Gonzales is a mouse cartoon that has featured in different shows since the year 1955.

From looking funny, Speedy Gonzales wears a humorous over-sized yellow sombrero, a white shirt, and trousers.

This is a standard outfit that is typically worn by boys and men in rural Mexico.

From 1955 to date, there have been more than 40 cartoons designed featuring his character.

5. Mighty Mouse

A Mighty Mouse sketch.

Mighty Mouse is a superhero mouse that was designed as an imitation of Superman.

His first appearance on the screens was in 1942, known as Super Mouse.

But this character has now changed to the name of Mighty Mouse.

Just like Superman, Mighty Mouse has powers such as super strength, flight, X-ray vision and telekinesis.

At first, Mighty Mouse wore blue costumes similar to Superman, but his outfit colors have changed to yellow and red.

6. Remi the Rat from Ratatouille

Remi is a mouse in Paris. His dream is being a chef just like his hero Gastineau.

But he is not like his friends or family members.

He despises scavenging for food. Instead, he looks for expensive cheese since he has a taste for good food.

He usually steals from fancy restaurants.

Funny enough people cannot understand how a mouse can talk. This makes his character more realistic.

7. Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse is an English mouse working as a secret agent.

He is featured in a British animated series, where he tries to imitate characters such as James Bond.

He has an assistant who is timid.

Danger Mouse is referred to as the world’s greatest secret agent.

He is skilled, and can speak more than 30 languages.

Some of his special skills include performing military push-ups using his index finger, the power to break metal with his powerful voice, and able to reach the 7th level of medication.

8. Pinky of - Pinky and the brain

The next top cartoon mouse is Pinky of the Pinky and the Brain Show.

Pinky appeared on animated TV series for several years.

Pinky together with the co-star, Brain is a hereditary improved laboratory mouse who lives in a cage.

However, they are unique from one another.

Pinky is slow and good-natured.

And since the Brain is always looking for a new plan on how he can take over the world, Pinky’s stupidity makes everything fail.

9. Minnie Mouse

One of the funniest animal cartoons is Minnie Mouse.

They created Minnie in the year 1928 featuring as a flapper girl.

The idea was to blow her up in the youth culture during that time.

One of Minnie’s unique characteristics was her knickers that are usually visible under her dress and the over-sized shoes.

Together with Mickey, they reshaped Minnie in the 1940s.

The hat was replaced with a big bow, and also the bows were added to her shoes.

This made her look modern and more appealing. Minnie Mouse has appeared in many shows.

However, she first featured in the “Plane Crazy show”.

They requested her to join Mickey in a fight.

10. The Brain of–Pinky and the Brain

One of the smartest and innovative cartoon rodents is the Brain.

Just as his name implies, Brain is self-centered and devious.

His wish is to take over the world because he believes he can do a better job than the individual who is in charge.

But because of Pinky’s foolishness and his arrogance, his ideas cannot go through.

Did we forget to add your favorite cartoon mouse?

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