Top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts: Creepy Fun

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Top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts

Some people believe in ghosts while others think ghosts are not real, however, these are our top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts.

A good percentage of people claim to have seen or heard about ghosts.

Since there are many stories about ghosts; there is a possibility that spirits are everywhere and nowhere.

For the cartoon world, you may find useful good and evil ghosts.

Since ghosts are spirits of dead people that may hurt or protect the living, cartoon films have many famous ghosts.

Good and Evil Ghosts


For instance, Casper is one of the most popular cartoon ghosts. He is a smiling ghost who has friends.

Animated or not animated, demonstration of spirits has made some cartoon shows and adult movies interesting, entertaining, and scaring.

Below is a list of our top ten famous cartoon ghosts.

I saw some on modern cartoon shows while they featured others in old cartoon movies.

Top 10 Famous Cartoon ghosts

1. Casper

Casper Cartoon Ghost Sketch

We can refer Casper to as the friendly ghost.

He is one of the many spirits that has touched past generations.

Casper is a little white ghost who tries not to scare people.

Although a ghost’s work is to scare folks, Casper would make friends instead of scaring people.

At first, he was supposed to feature in a storybook in 1939.

However, he was designed into a cartoon in 1945.

He is a friendly ghost who has a New York accent.

He also has two assistants named Johnny and Bonnie.

Casper is a loved cartoon ghost.

2. Starscream’s Ghost

When ghosts appear, it means they have unfinished business they need to take care of.

Whether it is a ghost of a human or a space robot, ghosts are ghosts.

With "The Transformers", we have a spirit representative.

There is Starscream’s ghost who returns to handle some business.

This ghost appears after the Octane’s ship explodes.

He is a ghost who hungers for power and worldly things.

3. Slimer

Slimer Ghost Busters Sketch

Another favorite cartoon ghost is Slimer.

He appears in several films and cartoons. He is green, horrible, and can puke slime.

This isn't something people would enjoy; Slimer is a special ghost.

Appearing in a green body is not something cartoon fans would expect.

However, he became famous with cartoon lovers and was given a starring role.

Because of his position and a big appetite, it made him one of the top renowned cartoon ghosts.

He is also fun, we commonly find a personality in spirits.

4. Beetlejuice

They got the inspiration from the original movie "Beetlejuice".

It was an animated TV series that ran from 1989 to 1991.

Even though it has nothing unique, exploring the mysteries of the netherworld is something to admire.

It centers episodes of the show on the ghost, Beetlejuice, Lydia his friend, and the adventure.

The series has humor and people enjoy the entertaining.

The Beetlejuice signature is his unique outfit, the hair, and his crooked teeth.

 He is also a funny and bad-tempered ghost. He loves money and music.

5. Zero

Zero Nightmare Before Christmas Sketch

Zero is a simple cartoon ghost featured in "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

When J. Skellington gets bored, he finds himself in a Christmas town.

This is a fantasy world that is filled with ghosts, demons, and zombies.

Zero is a ghost faithful to his master, adorable, and likable.

He became famous because of the film's story.

6. The Flying Dutchman

Another favorite ghost is the Flying Dutchman.

He is a creature that is nothing but funny.

From his thick accent to having a handbag with marked souls, he has won a spot on the list of the top famous cartoon ghosts.

If you hope to see the Flying Dutchman crossing the ocean, you are mistaken.

He is a ghost that's always in a bad mood, and he cannot eat without his dining sock.

With a half-bitten hat, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost who appears silly but is powerful.

7. Hi-Five Ghost

High Five Cartoon Character Sketch

One of the main characters in the “Regular Show” is High-Five Ghost.

He was also nicknamed Hi-Fives, Five or High-Five Ghost.

He has a good friend named Muscleman.

Hi-Five is a small ghost who is semi transparent.

You can easily see him but not completely.

He has some human elements that include a mouth, eyes, and other basic features.

We also believe it that Hi-Five had extra arms.

He and the Muscle-Man seem to be very best friends.

They wished to have assignments together.

They are inseparable; Hi-Five has unique skills that include loud laughs, trumpet player, ability to form into a shield, and he is the grand master of pranks.

8. Ghost of Christmas Past-Present-and-Future

Most people know of the spirits of “A Christmas Carol.”

The ghosts of the Past, Present and the future can't be left out from our top ten list.

Scrooge only thinks of money, and he does not care to give some to Bob.

Scrooge is so cold-hearted that he wouldn't give his employee the day off for the holidays.

Later at night, he is visited by three ghosts who give him a vision.

They teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

In this film we have 3 famous cartoon ghosts in 1.

9. Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom Cartoon Character Sketch

One of the most exciting cartoons shows about ghosts is "Danny Phantom".

It is important to note that not all spirits roam with a vision, there are some that are superheroes.

Danny Phantom is a half ghost and half man.

He also lives with his ghost-hunting parents.

Since he is half ghost, Danny has powers that include invisibility, intangibility, and flight.

Danny has black hair, blue eyes, and he wears a t-shirt and light blue jeans.

But when he transforms into a ghost, his hair turns white as snow.

Danny's eyes become glowing green, and his skin turns from light to brown.

10. Mudsy the Funky Phantom

Mudsy is the main protagonist of the "Funky Phantom".

He is a ghost from the Revolutionary War.

Even though he is a ghost, Mudsy is a coward.

He is afraid of everything. He is all white and always wears a revolutionary outfit.

Some of his brave moments are when he captures the bad guys.

Begin sketching your favorite cartoon ghosts with our favorite art sets below.

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