Top 10 Famous Cartoon Dogs: Doggy Treats

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These are my top 10 famous cartoon dogs of all time.

For several years, there have been great cartoons for both adults and kids.

However, most of these fun cartoons are dogs.

Even though these dogs are not real, they are cute, lovely, and gorgeous.

For instance, Scooby-Doo is not just famous but a star in many homes.

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Dogs

The celebrity status of Scooby-Doo has even gone beyond many famous human celebrities.

Dogs are amazing friends. They offer companionship, love, and protection.

And for that reason, you will find many dog characters in TV shows, movies, and books.

Below are the top 10 famous cartoon dogs from TV shows, movies, and comics that have become celebrity icons.

10. Pluto from Mickey Mouse

Pluto is a famous dog of the Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Even though he is a pet, he is a loyal friend and one of the most famous and oldest dogs.

 Also, though Pluto shares his name with the ninth planet, he has become more famous than planet Pluto.

He is very loyal, cute and lovely.

Pluto's good character has won many hearts among kids, adults, and other cartoons.

Pluto is light-brown, short-haired, and a medium-sized dog.

Although he might not be as active as many cartoon dogs, he is a good friend.

He is a pet and a companion of Mickey Mouse.

9. Droopy-McPoodle from Tom & Jerry

One of the laziest cartoon dogs you will ever find is Droopy.

However, he outshines his enemies with his humor.

Droopy a very serious dog, however, just like other cartoon dogs, he is lovely, adorable and makes people happy.

He may also impress you with his intelligence.

One reason Droopy is a famous cartoon dog is because of his quiet nature, unhappy character, and a funny sense of wit.

Droopy proved to many people you need not act a certain way or look different to be happy.

He is always happy, even when he seems unhappy.

8. Lady and the Tramp from Walt Disney Movie

They have claimed this fantastic duo to be adorable.

Even though they first appeared on the screen around 50 years ago, they have remained popular and fresh in many people's minds.

 Lady and the Tramp are the best cartoon dog duo you will ever find.

The classic story of a Rich-Girl who falls in love with a Poor-Boy shows they belong together; they are lovely and inseparable.

7. Brian Griffin from The Family Guy

Brian Griffin is a dog from a different world.

He walks like a man, drives, can drink, can speak, and owns a credit card.

Although we see most famous cartoon dogs as pets or friends, Brian Griffin is a great companion, a friend, and plays a significant role in uniting the Griffin family.

Even though he might not be old as many famous cartoon dogs, he has already won the hearts of many people.

One great thing about Brian Griffin is that he always looks for happiness, even when things are looking bad.

6. Goofy from Mickey Mouse

Another famous cartoon dog that everyone loves is Goofy.

Even though his original name was Dippy Dawg, Goofy is the name that has attracted many people.

He is funny, lovable, adorable, and hilarious.

Whether he is active or inactive, his appearance makes the show funny.

However, it seems like Goofy has not appeared in many shows as before.

Today, most people believe he will always remain one of the goofiest dogs in history.

5. Odie from Garfield

Odie is a lovable but stupid dog who is always a victim of Garfield’s mocking.

Even though he is seen as an empty-headed dog with little help, he is very adorable.

 They adopted Odie when he was lost without a family.

He acts idiotic, a silent dog who will say nothing.

However, his emotions, thoughts, and silent gestures entertain us all.

4. Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoons

For famous cartoon dogs, Snoopy has a spot on the list. Snoopy has been with us since the 1950s.

He is one of the best comic characters you will ever find.

From the goggles and hats to the scarf, Snoopy is an adorable cartoon.

If you want to learn how to fly rockets to space, Snoopy is a great pilot.

He is funny, attractive and smart as well.

3. Underdog from the Underdog series

Another excellent cartoon dog that is very famous is Underdog.

He is a crime fighter who usually spends most of his time as a shoe-shine boy.

However, when danger arises, he takes some pills to become a superhero.

With Underdog, there is no need to fear.

Most adults and children believe Underdog is among the best cartoon superhero dogs.

He is humble, lovable and gentle.

2. Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog

If you are looking for a famous cartoon dog that is not cute, Courage is the one.

However, the pink sausage-shaped dog has managed to be adorable.

Also, Courage has achieved to be very special.

He is smart and an excellent protector to his owners.

We all wish we had a pet as faithful as Courage.

 Also, he has an underdog character from the looks to his behavior.

After being adopted by Muriel and Eustace, Courage becomes a prominent figure in their lives.

Although Muriel loves him, her husband Eustace loves to scare him by putting on a mask.

But when aliens attack the family, Courage is always there to protect his owners.

1. Scooby-Doo from Scooby-Doo Adventures

We all love Scooby-Doo because he loves chasing ghosts, even though he is running away from them.

For famous cartoon dogs, he is number one.

With his human friend Shaggy, you will find Scooby-Doo hiding behind him.

Scooby-Doo debuted several years ago but remains famous even today.

He is brown colored, tall and loved by many for his cowardice and courageous acts.

He is always hungry, scared, but ready to save his friends.


Cartoon dogs are some of the most popular cartoons people draw.

Learning more about different dog shapes can help you draw dogs much easier.

Surf on the internet and look for real-life dogs, not cartoon dogs to see how each one is different.

From the original images, you can start getting ideas for your cartoon dog drawings.

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