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Buyers visit Etsy shops to look for unique and unusual items.

Etsy is different from other online stores such as eBay and Amazon because it offers original handmade items.

Shoppers at Etsy go for genuine, handmade, and customized items.

If you are looking for good crafts items, you can find them at Etsy.

Crafts are beautiful items to many people.

They are unique, and it is impossible to find two similar pieces.

And since most people prefer handmade crafts over mass-produced items, Etsy has become very popular.

Below are some best handmade crafts to find at Etsy.

20 Best Etsy Handmade Crafts

20. Painted wooden signs

Painted wooden signs are preferred since they are unique, beautiful and inexpensive.

These painted signs are made of wood and particular reclaimed or recycled wood.

You buy them as gifts, for your house or kids.

People who make painted wooden signs make them at their homes or small workshops.

19. Letter wooden crafts

If you are looking for an inspirational message, you need to consider wooden letter crafts.

They are fantastic, beautiful, and made from simple pieces of wood.

Most people buy them for house decorations or for kids to learn letters and numbers.

18. Laser-cut wood crafts

Even though laser-cut wood crafts are not familiar to many people, they look professional and very stunning.

You can choose some for your kids, for birthday gifts, and the bedroom.

Since these crafts are made from wood, they are long-lasting and gorgeous.

Some laser-cut wood crafts you can get at Etsy include Christmas ornaments, cuff links, wooden Christmas trees, and many others.

17. Wooden crafted toys

Recently, wooden toys have exploded over the years due to their uniqueness and beauty.

Besides, they are made by talented artists who can customize them for you.

Some toys you can buy include kitchen items, wild animals, cars, alphabetical letters, and wooden blocks.

16. Wall hangings

If you are looking for something sweet to gift someone or to hang on the wall, you need to look for handmade wall hangings on Etsy.

There are of different sizes, made of different materials such as wood or metal, and most of them have gift messages.

15. Customized pillow

Pillows are some items that make beds look beautiful and attractive.

If you have been searching for a unique pillow that can be customized the way you want, you will find it on Etsy.

You can choose different colors, made of cotton and different materials, and with different personalized messages.

14. Candle Holders

Candle holders can be beautiful as well.

Happily, you can get handmade candle holders made from different materials that include glass, log, clay, and metal.

You can use them for wedding gifts or various occasions.

13. Flower Vases

If you do not want standard vases commonly found in local stores, you can get lovely flower vases at Etsy.

There are many handmade vases made from different materials include glass, wood, stones, metal, and ceramic.

12. Calendars and planners

Another awesome handmade craft you can get are calendars and planners.

You can get fridge calendars made of thick papers or for work to create a planner for your daily routines.

11. Picture frames

Handmade picture frames can provide your sitting room a beautiful and lovely atmosphere for your guest.

Happily, at Etsy, you can get unique frames made of different materials, and of different sizes.

10. Wreaths and door hangers

A perfect way to usher your guests to your house is to have a beautiful door wreath.

There are different wreaths and door hangers at Etsy that can change your home's appearance.

9. Rugs

You can customize your entrance with outstanding mats and rugs.

At Etsy, you can get rugs for newly wedded couples, new homeowners or as gifts for someone you love.

They are available in different sizes and shapes.

8. Beddings

Beddings are among the best Etsy handmade crafts.

From blankets to duvet covers and pillowcases, you can get lovely beddings from different Etsy stores.

They are soft, high-quality and beautiful. They are made of wool, linen, and cotton.

7. Soap dishes

If you are looking for something handmade but straightforward, soap dishes at Etsy are some best crafts you can find.

They can contain gift messages according to your preference.

Also, you get different colors, materials, and sizes.

6. Plant stands

Some unique Etsy handmade crafts are plant stands.

Made of different kind of woods, they look amazing and perfect for placing in different rooms.

They can also contain different messages and different colors.

5. Mailboxes

Custom mailboxes are among the top Etsy handmade crafts.

They are unique, custom-made, and help your visitors and mail get to the right location.

Interestingly, they are affordable, made of different type of materials, and may have gift messages.

You can also pick different sizes and shapes.

4. Sculptures

Sculptures are some most fascinating items you cannot find at regular stores.

You may need to research a lot before getting the one you need.

Fortunately, sculptures are some best handmade crafts you can get at Etsy.

You can purchase chicken, human skulls and hand sculptures among many others.

3. Knitting

Knitted items are wonderful. Some items you can get include dolls, dogs, cats, scarecrows, baby clothes, and mats.

You can also ask the seller to include individual messages for your loved ones.

2. Crafting tools

Whether you are a craftsman or not, you can acquire crafting tools customized for you.

From hammers to swords and leather punches, you will find them at Etsy.

For example, you can order a simple pocket knife with a belt clip and a message decorated on the blade.

1. Jewelry Box

One of the best Etsy handmade crafts you will find is a jewelry box.

Jewelry boxes are made of hardwood or pine that can work wonders for both men and women.

You can get one for keeping your watches, cuff links, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewels.

This may be the perfect gift you can give to anyone.

What is your favorite handmade craft on Etsy? Leave your comments below.

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