Drawing Cartoons Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Posted in Blog on January 9, 2020

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Drawing, especially cartoons, can improve your hand-eye coordination. 

It is very possible to find cartoons in books, magazines, newspapers, and TV programs among many other places.

Young people and adults are getting influenced by the wave of cartoons. 

Hence, many people spend most of their time drawing cartoons or learning how to draw cartoons. 

Happily, there are many benefits associated with drawing, especially for the young ones. 

One benefit of drawing cartoons is enhancing hand-eye coordination. 

Can Drawing Cartoons Improve Hand-Eye Coordination?

Hand-eye coordination can be described as the ability to coordinate data or information received via the eyes and directs the hands to execute the specific task. 

It uses the eyes to direct attention and hands to execute.

Hand-eye coordination is a matched control of the hand movement with eye movement. 

It is part of our day-to-day activities; However, there are many people, especially children who have problems with hand-eye coordination. 

Some struggle a lot in various activities such as sporting performance, computer tasks, reading music, or arranging wooden blocks. 

But many people do not think about hand-eye coordination unless they have a problem with it.

Therefore, it is important to help your kid enhance his or her eye-hand coordination. 

Happily, children can be taught how to improve their eye-hand coordination even when they are very young. 

In addition, there are many principles that can help them improve their eye-hand coordination. 

Also, eye-hand coordination activities can manage various conditions such as mental illness and dyspraxia.

Since there are many ways on how you can improve eye-hand coordination, you need to identify the best for you or your kids.

Some known ways that can help you enhance the coordination include taking up a sport as a hobby, playing video games, practicing juggling, drawing, coloring, swimming, and many others.

What causes weak or poor hand-eye coordination?

Most hand movements require visual inputs to be executed properly. 

However, there are cases where some people have poor or weak hand-eye coordination. 

For example, there are children who cannot reach objects quickly as expected.

Even though it is very possible for infants to coordinate their eyes with their hands, sometimes they can't.

Hand-eye coordination problems can first be identified if a child cannot write or draw properly. 

Weak or poor hand-eye coordination has a wide range of causes.

However, the two known causes are movement disorders and vision impairment.

*Movement Disorders–This is a lack of coordination while doing voluntary activities such as making tea, writing, or while playing a game. 

The issue involves inaccuracy, instability or clumsiness.

Hence, if a child has movement disorders, it can prevent the normal improvement of hand-eye coordination.

*Vision impairment–This is a loss of vision making it impossible or hard to do normal tasks. 

It is when the eyes cannot see the objects clearly; A child with impaired vision has problems with a hand to eye coordination.

Therefore, if you have noticed that your child has a weak hand to eye coordination, it is important to encourage activities that can help. 

There are many activities important in the development of hand to eye coordination. 

Also, there are toys that have helped in hand to eye coordination development.

Some activities to consider are drawing cartoons, playing baseball, writing, playing online games, and many others.

Why do artists need to enhance the hand-eye coordination?

Hand to eye coordination has become very handy in drawing. 

If you are an artist, you need to have a hand to eye coordination. 

Even though most artists do not think it is important, there are several reasons you need to improve your hand-eye coordination.

By engaging in various activities such as playing video games, playing tennis and baseball, juggling, swimming, and yoga among other sports, you enhance your hand-eye coordination.

It is also important to note that hand to eye coordination is a continuous task. 

You need to keep enhancing it all the time. 

Actually, it is believed that we should teach children how to enhance the hand to eye coordination as young as four months old.

There are many reasons artists need to keep enhancing their hand-eye coordination. 

First, hand to eye coordination is a skill that can help the artist improve his or her handwriting. 

If you want to make your work neat, you need to improve your hand-eye coordination. 

The eyes guide the hands in making letters and objects and ensuring they stay within the lines. 

Also, the skill helps the artist see and draw the right things.

Another reason hand to eye coordination is important for the artists is that it helps to establish concentration. 

Since drawing takes some time, you need to ensure you can concentrate correctly.

How drawing can enhance the hand-eye coordination

Drawing is more than entertainment; According to several studies, people who draw regularly can enhance a hand-eye coordination than people who do not draw. 

Hence, if you notice you or your kid struggle with a hand to eye coordination, then introduce drawing cartoons into their lives.

Even though drawing has several benefits, researchers have confirmed that it can be part of treatment for individuals with the hand-eye coordination issues. 

So, for people with autism, drawing cartoons can help improve their conditions.

Drawing enables the artist to connect what he or she sees with what he or she draws. 

Keep in mind that hand-eye coordination is important in various situations that include recreational and sport circumstances. 

Therefore, if you can make drawing your hobby, it can help you improve hand to eye coordination.

What are the benefits of drawing cartoons?

Drawing cartoons is more than sketching on a sheet of people.

It is visual thinking and great for expressing emotions. 

Happily, apart from being a fun activity, there are many benefits associated with drawing cartoons. 

Below are some benefits of drawing cartoons

*Enhances hand to eye coordination–playing baseball or drawing cartoons can help you improve the hand-eye coordination and motor skills. 

So, if you are looking for a simple way to enhance coordination, sketching cartoons might be the best option.

*Improve problem-solving–drawing cartoons helps to enhance problem-solving skills. 

When to put lines and objects on paper, you engage your brain. 

By engaging your mind, you come up with different solutions and you can easily apply the skill in real-life situations.

*Stress relief–drawing cartoon is an activity that can help stimulate blood flow. 

And since artists relax and forget their problems while drawing, it can be a great activity to help relieve stress. 

According to various studies, people who are engaged in the drawing are more peaceful and relaxed than those who do not draw.

*Enhances creativity–since you need to use your imagination when drawing cartoons, this is the best activity to improve creativity. 

Drawing is an activity that can play a significant role in the brain's development. 

Hence, drawing is highly recommended for children.

How can artists improve their drawing skills?

Improving drawing skills might seem hard for many people. 

Happily, there are various ways to help you enhance your skills. 

To help you enhance your drawing skills, here are some tips you can try.

1. Draw something every day – one way to enhance something is practicing every day. 

You cannot get better unless you engage in it; Happily, the more you draw, the more you get better.

2. Look for other drawings–whether simple or complicated, it is important to look for other artists' drawings. 

Here you will learn new things and other complicated things that might be hard for you. 

You also learn how to color or use lines and shapes.

3. Draw from other drawings–another great way to improve your drawing skills is copying from other artists.

Learning from the masters can help a lot.

4. Join a class–If you feel you want to be a professional artist, you need to join an art class. 

In a class, you will find artists and the teachers will correct your drawing mistakes. 

Also, watching other people’s drawings will help enhance your skills.

5. Draw from life–if you are a beginner, start drawing from life. 

There are many simple objects you can start drawin right now.

From furniture to living things, there are so many things to consider. 

Most people start by drawing faces, feet, and hands in the beginning.

6. Have a sketchbook–another amazing way to enhance your drawing skills is by keeping a sketchbook. 

Carry the sketchbook everywhere and fill it with all kinds of ideas.

The sketchbook will work as a reminder to ensure you draw regularly.


Drawing in general can help you improve hand eye coordination.

The movement of the hands are very important in many professions.

For example, orchestra directors need their hands to move fluidly to lead a band.

Teachers need to write legible assignments and surgeons need steady hands to perform surgery.

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