Drawing Cartoons Helps with Depression the Natural Way

Posted in Blog on December 19, 2019

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Drawing cartoons helps with depression by helping you forget about current problems.

Nowadays, we all are habituated with the term depression’. 

Some of us are regularly fighting with this acute problem. 

Many people cannot find a way how to talk. They cannot mingle with others so easily. 

It can give them an isolated feeling in front of a large group of friends. 

Many people fight with anxiety and it can worsen their mental health as well. 

If you have this problem or else you want to help some of your closed one in order to cope up with the acute condition of depression, then you should know the remedy and first-hand solution for it. 

Drawing Cartoons Helps with Depression

There are so many scientific researches which will show you that drawing cartoons and doodles can help you to fight against the severe anxiety problem.

But at first, we will have to know that what is depression and who can get it?

What is depression?

Depressed mood is the synonym of anxiety and it can cause sadness, down feeling, anger and loss. 

These can affect your daily life. Depressed people feel down and having a loss of interest and pleasure in daily lives. 

If these conditions persist, then it can affect your regular normal lifestyle. 

It is the main cause of disability. According to the World Health Organization, it can affect the livelihood of children, adults and adolescents.

It is one kind of mood disorder. It can affect anyone. 

It is basically a mood disorder that can involve a persistent feeling of anxiety, sadness, and loss of interest. 

But you should not mix it up with mood fluctuation. It is not the same as that. 

It is not at all the regular mood swings that people suffer in regular lives.

But it is an ongoing problem and obviously not a passing one. It can last for several weeks, months and years. 

So, know how to deal with it. It is a constant sadness and a feeling of dark and blue. 

Major depressed people may suffer from various kinds of symptoms that can affect your mind and other parts of the body. 

Depression can Affect Anyone

Men, women, and children can differently experience this acute condition. It can affect their mood and health.

If someone has a family history of acute anxiety and depression, then they may suffer from this problem. 

Many people suffer from this condition because of some kinds of childhood trauma. 

Some stressful situations can cause this anxiety, mood swings, fear and loss of interest. 

It may also happen because of the different drugs. 

The history of drug and alcohol misuse can cause this acute condition.

Now you know the fact that what is depression and who can get it. 

When you know the root of the problem, now it is the high time to find the solution to this problem. 

We all know that creative structure of our brain can diminish and reduce this kind of problem. 

So, you can suggest a depressed people to practise drawing and draw cartoons. It is really a stress buster. Let’s get the details of it.

Art is Therapeutic

This is a true statement. You can try it on your own. 

There are a lot of situations when you get depressed and try to fight with the anxiety.

Then you will have to sit with a piece of paper and a pencil. 

You can copy an image from the net or else you can also try to draw something on your own. 

It can work magically. Something creative will always help you to sort out your problem and it can also help you to deal with anxiety.

How has art in general helped people recover from depression?

Art has healing power. It is recognised by so many artists all around the world. 

But nowadays, it is practised as the evidence-based therapeutic for depression, anxiety and sadness. 

The art therapy is very much beneficial and effective for people suffering from severe depressive episodes. 

Actually, we all know that art has a power of creation. 

This creation can give your mind some kinds of lights and it can also demolish the dark part of your mind. 

So, you can easily cope up with your severe mood swings drawing cartoons and doodle. 

Through art, you can express yourself. Most of the people suffer from the expression problem. 

They cannot mix up with the groups and share their thoughts. 

So, they feel depressed and lose the ability to give voice to your suffering and communicate with your pain in some healthy ways. 

For them, art and drawing are the best options. They can benefit you in so many ways such as:


Increase self-confidence

Act as an emotional release

Works like a stress buster

What type of art is recommended for depression?

Cartoons and doodling is a comic way to dissolve stress and anxiety. 

You can draw the cartoons and doodle on a piece of paper or copy it from somewhere. 

It can easily release your pressure and reduce your anxiety. 

The comic scene can elaborate on the structure of life in a funny way. 

So, draw something that will release your stress. 

The colourful art can give you a visual effect, and it can also help you cope with the severe anxiety and stress factors.

The art therapy can improve the mental situation of a depressed person. 

It can reduce eating disorders, PTSD, any kinds of trauma, relationship issues, familial problems and all.

Drawing Vs. Watching Cartoons

Watching Cartoons

There’s no doubt that watching cartoons can turn someone sad into a happy person.

The reason is behind the humor the cartoon character expresses.

They design cartoon characters to make people laugh and at the same time tell a story.

Cartoons tell sad, happy, funny and crazy stories that can influence people’s lives.

Someone who experiences depression can enjoy watching cartoons but will benefit more from drawing them.

Drawing Cartoons

When I pick up the pencil and start doodling cartoons, I forget what’s going on around me.

To be effective when drawing, the artist needs to concentrate on one thing.

Drawing helps people with depression by temporarily forgetting about their current troubles.

For example, when drawing cartoons, there are many things to focus on like drawing straight lines, curves and shapes.

Also, drawing in general helps eliminate distractions around you because you are focusing on your art.

How can drawing cartoons help with depression and why?

The cartoon has the power to give you the perfect solution in any kinds of a tough situation. 

So, you need to draw some doodles and cartoon miniatures to fight against your depressed mood. 

Many people live with mental illness and anxiety. 

The anxiety can bring dark thoughts to them. 

So, they will have to work on some creative artwork to demolish the dark feelings and discard the level of anxiety.

Doodling and drawing cartoons can help you a lot in this case.


As you can see, drawing is a therapy and practice it to fight against depressed mood and anxiety.

You don't need prescriptions or medicine from the doctor.

All you need are simple art supplies like an HB pencil, sketching paper and eraser.

Once you try it, you see that drawing cartoons helps with depression

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