Detailed Watercolor Cat Painting

Posted in Blog on January 23, 2017
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Detailed Watercolor Cat Painting

For this cat painting I used Corel Painter Essentials 5 to add some watercolor elements and effects.

I will teach you how to use the “Detailed Watercolor Style”, “Digital Watercolor Brush” and the “Coarse Water Effect”.

Tools of the Trade

  • Corel Painter Essentials 5
  • A computer mouse
  • Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet

Detailed Watercolor Cat Tutorial 1

Find one of your favorite cat pictures and choose one that doesn't have too many colors, just a few solid colors.

Now look to the right of Corel Painter and find the PHOTO PAINTING MENU which has three options (see image above).

Choose a photo by pressing the BROWSE BUTTON and locate the image on your computer.

For step two go to “Auto Paint” and select DETAILED WATERCOLOR from the drop-down menu to apply this style to your drawing.

While you're in the drop-down menu take a look at all the styles Corel Painter offers so you can have an idea on what types of art you can create.

You can create numerous combinations of styles with brushes and effects that not one drawing will be the same.

Once you're done loading your image, pres the TRIANGULAR START BUTTON located on the bottom of the drop -down menu.

Detailed Watercolor Cat Tutorial 2

Upon pressing the start button, Corel Painter will automatically draw the photo for you which will take a few seconds depending on your computer system.

Enlarge your painting by scrolling your mouse so you can view the small details. Let's get familiar with the PHOTO PAINTING BRUSHES located on the left side of the screen (see the image).

The painting brushes menu will show you all the tools you can use to create a unique drawing.

Select the DIGITAL WATERCOLOR brush and on the right-hand side choose the COARSE WATER effect.

With your drawing tablet, use brush strokes starting from near the cat and brushing away from it. Continue doing this all the around until if fills all the white spaces around the cat.

If the brush strokes are too dark, try reducing the opacity located on the top menu of Corel Painter.

Also, change the brush size by making it larger or smaller depending on the drawing area.

Tips and Suggestions

My favorite part of this drawing are the cat's beautiful blue eyes which look great in watercolor.

If you choose a drawing with too many colors you may get small annoying splashes of colors throughout your whole picture.

One thing that I could've to improve was the cat's whiskers by making them stand out a bit more.

I would also recommend darkening the lines around the cat's eyes and nose so that it could have a two dimensional effect.

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