Designing a Cartoon Bee with Affinity Designer

Posted in Blog on December 28, 2018
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Designing a cartoon bee with the Affinity Designer program is easy.

Use the pre-made shapes to quickly start your design. The bee uses two large circles for the body.

For the wings, I used a pre-made shape and kept the original dimensions when enlarging it.

The trickiest part is the cartoon bees' black stripes. In order for you to fill in the stripe, you need to finish the shape.

If you leave any shape open, the ink will fill the whole shape, not just one part.

So when creating shapes in Affinity, make sure you connect all the dots to enclose the shape.

When coloring the bees' wing, I made them 25% transparent to less the color.

After that, I duplicated each wing to give it a nice shiny color.

Everthing else was pretty easy, once you're done with the image, save it to use it for other projects.

If you have any questions about this cartoon bee design, please leave a message below.

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