What is CyberLink PhotoDirector 9? Review

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Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 is a well-designed all-in-one enhancing, organizing and a photo-editing program.


Some people think it is more like Lightroom, but when you compare the two photo-editing programs, you will notice that Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 features are more for beginners and is easier to use.

It is aimed at casual photographers.

User Friendly Software

Hence, it is user-friendly and has many tools to take your non-professional editing skills to the next level.

It is a great application that you can use to transform your images into fun animated images and videos into GIFs.

Cyberlink provides drawing tools, camera and lens correction, face beautification tools and blur effects.

It also has more advanced features such as face tagging and object removal. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 also has many other capabilities to enjoy as a photographer.


PhotoDirector 9 is one of the best photo editing programs on the market. With a wide range of easy to use tools, it is so simple to edit your family photos, landscape shots, and travel pictures.

The software program can be used for experienced and novice users.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 is a program that is designed to help users convert ordinary photos into extraordinary artwork.

It uses the cutting-edge 360-degree feature to turn photos captured with a 360-degree camera into outstanding images.

It is also capable of freezing some areas while retaining some movement in parts to help you create live images from video clips.

What to Expect with Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9?


PhotoDirector 9 is a great editing program that helps users create different types of imaginative art.

It is an application that helps photographers convert raw-images into professional photos.

Also, it has tools to help you eliminate haze, smoke, and fog.

Below are some of the main features of Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9.


  • GIFs Maker – if you have always dreamed of creating GIFs, PhotoDirector 9 is the best program for you.
  • With PD9, you will create cool and short GIFs that you can easily share on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • You can also use them on blogs and web-pages.
  • Total 360º Photo-editing – another great feature of Photodirector 9 is that it is possible to create 360º scenes with images taken via 360º cameras. The process is simple and straightforward.
  • More lens profile – the program supports a growing collection of lens profiles. Using these lens means it is easy to correct lens flaws with Photodirector 9.
  • Perfect group photos – the availability of video to photo tool helps to create fantastic group photos. It is easier to make sure everyone is smiling, or their eyes open in a picture.
  • Photo management – with Photodirector 9, it is easy to identify faces in the photo, sort them and later store them for faster photo-editing and easier browsing.
  • Intelligently fix images – the software can automatically remove any undesirable color casts in an image.
  • One click presets – you can create images with creative presets that features black & white, HDR and split tone.
  • Artistic overlays – by mixing semi-transparent images with other images, it is possible to create shots instantly.
  • Stunning images from a video – capture images from your videos and produce perfect group photos.
  • Sharper images, better precision – get rid of fogs, smoke, haze, and clear landscapes.

Who uses Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9?

Photodirector 9 is an excellent photo-editing program used by experts and novice. If you are a learner, there are a bunch of tools to discover.

Its layout is smart, well-polished and thoughtful. With the program, you can share your photos after editing them to various platforms.

Due to its amazing tools and features, you have a chance to express yourself and be creative.

You can use video to photo tool to create a group of amazing photos.

There are various reasons as to why you should start using Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9.

For instance, there is a massive difference between a ready-made photo and creating one from scratch.

With Photodirector 9, you can quickly make a great photo and at the same time easily make GIFs from a video.

The program is also affordable for both professionals and beginners.

What are the benefits of using Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9?

1. Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 does not only support TIF and JPEG files, but it also encourages more established RAW-formats.

2. Easy to transform your videos into GIFs.

3. Availability of Total 360º Photo-editing feature enables you to create magnificent panoramas from 360º shots.

4. Easy to combine many images into a single shot

5. Easy to use with clear steps and videos

6. Create remarkable images from your video footage


7. Availability of tools to remove color distortion and Fog.


  • Easy to make group photos
  • Easy to create one remarkable photo from many shots
  • Easier photo management
  • You can fix photos very fast
  • Availability of the unique 360º photo-editing feature
  • Easy to create GIFs
  • Availability of more lens profiles
  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Easy to filter and adjust images
  • Has retouching tools to turn novice photos into professional images.
  • Great features and tools for both photos and videos
  • Easy to remove imperfections and share your images the way you want.


  • Some tools and features are hard to find
  • The program needs more help for beginners
  • More complex than other versions

Final Thoughts


Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 might look complicated to some people, but the layout is well-polished, smart and thoughtful.

The design makes any user comfortable when editing images and turning videos into GIFs.

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It is an excellent application for editing event photos, landscapes and much more.

Given its affordable price, it is a remarkable choice for novices or semi-experts searching for a program they can use to produce great final products.

It is geared towards the direction of landscapes and travel images. Availability of 360º photo-editing feature is a unique feature.

If you are a photographer looking for a program to take your pictures to the next level, Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9 is a good choice.

The XP Pen Deco 01 Drawing Pen Tablet is another fantastic graphics tablet that can help you with your image editing.

If you aim to convert videos into fantastic images, you can do it with Cyberlink PhotoDirector 9.

Happily, with this program, the more you use it, the more experience you get to create amazing images.

It is also possible to tag, import and store your photos without much tension.

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