CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 - Review

Posted in Blog on January 29, 2019


We have been using CorelDRAW since 1992 in different formats, and the innovative CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 has provided us with some beautiful features ideal for any vector drawing, page layout task, or even sketching.

One significant highlight of this version of CorelDRAW happens to be the astounding LiveSketch feature which has enhanced vector-based sketching to a great extent.

Moreover, the page layout tools likewise deserve special mention, and everybody from amateur artists to professional illustrators will find this software to be indispensable.

Up and Running in no TIME

color_trainAlmost anyone can start using CorelDRAW without much difficulty given that there are so many excellent tutorials available which come bundled along with the software.

It does not matter whether one is beginning to use CorelDRAW for the first time or transitioning from another vector drawing application, he or she can quickly take the help of any of the many customizable workspaces available that can match the style they want.


  • Jump in

It hardly matters whether you are an experienced graphic designer or just a beginner, you will not find it difficult to get started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017.

There are plenty of workspaces that are included with the software for matching your desired workflow. Also, you can take advantage of top-quality content and active in-product learning as well.

  • Personalize

You are going to feel extremely comfortable with all the innovative tools available to you! You can quickly adjust the design space according to your preference using the plethora of outstanding features at your disposal.

The creative Corel Font Manager™ 2017 will assist you in exploring and organizing fonts for your assignments. Apart from this, it will also be feasible to download free as well as premium apps, extensions, plugins, font packs, and so on for your requirements.

  • Craft

This fantastic and intuitive graphic design software will help you enhance your design skills significantly.

The cutting-edge font search and filtering option will help you to find fonts quickly. The groundbreaking LiveSketch tool will aid you to save your precious time by enabling you to capture any innovative concept on a pen-enabled gadget.blue_skateboard

Furthermore, you will find the remarkable Healing Clone tool to be ideal for refining your images while the node editing feature will help to accelerate your workflow.

  • Delight

It will be easy for you to provide any professional-quality output whether it is social media graphics, a unique logo, billboard and so on.

Another notable feature of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 is that it will allow you to deliver all kinds of projects using its sophisticated color-management tools along with its quality file format compatibility.

You will also be able to communicate with an inspiring community of users who have been benefiting from CorelDRAW over the years thanks to all these breathtaking features.

  • The Education Edition

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Education Edition happens to be one of the most recent products for the classroom. Here you will come across all the groundbreaking tools available with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 along with many other innovative ones.

surfboardsCrafting any school project will be easy thanks to the advanced Corel technologies, and one can effortlessly deliver a top-quality presentation super fast.

There is no need to sketch and scan from paper, and one can take the help of the astounding LiveSketch tool for capturing innovative ideas.

These remarkable features will aid you in creating fantastic graphics, photos, designs, as well as websites without taxing yourself too much. In a nutshell, this education version of CorelDRAW is a must-have for any classroom.

Who uses the Education Edition?

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Education Edition will be available for the following organizations and individuals:

1. Qualified members of the school faculty

2. Part-time or full-time registered students

3. Libraries

4. Hospitals

5. Religious organizations and non-profit charities

6. Museums

It is important to mention here that one will be required to provide evidence of his or her eligibility in the form of an employee or student card and pertinent documentation from any qualifying institute.

A Vital Tool for Educators

Teachers can use CorelDRAW for educating students on how to become successful graphic designers. Students can also use the software for creating innovating pieces of artwork. At the same time, discovering new ways to manifest their creative ideas.

1. Easy

There is no need for paperwork submission for a presentation using CorelDRAW. Moreover, the program contains many tutorials that will teach students how to use the software efficiently.

2. Support for Educators

Video tutorials on Corel as well as YouTube will help educators and students access curriculum overviews easily. Besides the accessibility, there's extensive online support along with recorded webinars.yellow_scooter

These webinars can aid educational institutions in gaining valuable knowledge regarding the software.

3. Compatible

CorelDRAW applications are compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and various other industry standards as well.

4. Innovative, full-featured solutions

The solutions delivered by the software will help students improve their expertise within a short span of time. Art and design students can prepare for a lucrative career by mastering this program quickly.


  • The software supports more than 100 file formats such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • A package of different programs which includes photo editing.
  • More than 5 hours of training video clips included along with the software.
  • Remarkable customer support.
  • The ability to create one's QR codes (quick response codes).
  • Lucrative 30-day money back guarantee.


  • The software is somewhat expensive as compared to other similar products on the market.
  • A large number of features to learn.


At present Corel is facing stiff competition from various other programs out there, and one of them happens to be Adobe's Creative Cloud. If you would like to try a free vector illustration software, read about What Is Inkscape Software? Vector Graphics Editor.

Also, Affinity Designer is an inexpensive alternative to CorelDRAW because of the many features available at such an affordable cost. Nevertheless, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 continues to be an outstanding vector illustration tool.

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