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A few months back I was in the market searching for a photo-editing application. Since there are many programs, on the market, it was not an easy task to pick a good one.

I knew if I made a mistake, I would mess-up most of my projects. And since I had no experience with photo-editing programs, I was looking for an all-in-one software that was not complicated.

After a few weeks, I discovered Corel PhotoImpact X3. The application is easy to navigate when looking for editing tools.

Its great and the advanced features make it one of the most reliable photo-editing software on the market. If you are also looking for the best photo-editing application, Corel PhotoImpact X3 is software worth checking.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is a great program to simplify your tasks. Apart from doing your work easy, it will give you perfection needed in photography.

Corel PhotoImpact X3 Overview

globe_travelCorel PhotoImpact X3 is an excellent image editing application that is packed with amazing features. This software is worth your money. It is appropriate for most photographers.

Whether you are at the advanced level, intermediate or new in the photography industry, this is an excellent program. For the product's price, you get incredible features and great tools to work on anything.

From day-to-day image editing tasks to enhanced projects, Corel PhotoImpact X3 is a product you should consider. This program is best for beginners.

It's packed with natural, fun image editing tools, one-click photo-fixes, and great art-tools that will make your projects look fantastic. It is a program that will turn creative projects into professional-looking graphics.

Whether you are a beginner or photo-editing is your primary job, Corel PhotoImpact X3 has remarkable features. Below are the main features of Corel PhotoImpact X3.


• Smart guide – the smart-guide offers directions on how to navigate through the tools, web pages, and other tasks.

• Simple digital art – With this feature, it is possible to draw and paint like an expert. You can also improve your images with creative filters.

• Smart curves – without the risk of overpowering the best parts, you can make dark parts visible.

• Powerful editing tools – Availability of ExpressFix mode and other great editing tools take your adjustment to the next level.

• White-Balance tool – to correct white balance in your images, you can use White-balance tool. It can automatically edit your shots.

• Noise reduction – another excellent addition for people taking pictures with smartphones or shooting in poor lighting. This tool can clear digital artifacts and all that grain that usually occurs in such situations.

Corel PhotoImpact X3 Makes a Huge Impact

PhotoImpact X3 is a top-rated image editing program made for both beginners and professionals. It is packed with simple-to-use features, modern art-tools, and a fun image editing feature to turn any creativity into a high-class project.airplane_travel

Due to its high and unique features that help to create professional-looking images, videos, and slideshows, you can use it even if you have never used a photo-editing application before.

You will appreciate every painting and drawing tool. Also, the program offers customizable templates to help you generate flawless images very fast.

If you have been searching for a photo-editing program like me, there are several reasons why you should start using PhotoImpact X3.

Based on PhotoImpact X3 reviews, it is a famous image editing program used by many professionals. There is a minimum risk of losing your original images when using this application.

It has neat tools to make all your projects easier, smoother, and quicker.

What are the benefits of using Corel PhotoImpact X3?

1. Using the program is easy. One of the best image editing programs used by beginners.

2. Has great features such as ExpressFix-mode, simple digital-art and graphics tools to make every project whether simple or complex easier.

3. The software offers several video editing tools.

4. Availability of free trial helps beginners to learn great things before purchasing the product.

5. The cropping feature to help you create proportions. This feature is utilized by many photographers.

6. It is also possible to have more natural images by editing the colors.


• Supports several file formats

• Customizable templates for image greeting cards and many other creative projects.

• It is possible to extract objects from one image and placing them in another picture.

More straight forwarded to improve and organize your workflow

• Supports extra-large images

• Availability of noise-reduction tool helps improve the image quality

• Has white-balance tool for fine adjustments


• The program has limited sharing tools.

• Most pros think it lacks advanced photo-editing tools.


travel_bagPhotoImpact X3 is on the top of the list for image editing programs due to its excellent features. If you are searching for a simple-to-use program, your search is over with PhotoImpact X3.

Need a photo-editing tablet for your project? Take a look at our Best tablets for Beginners list.

With advanced features such as mask layers and the cloning tool, you can produce some high-quality photos. It is also possible to crop, zoom and resize your images very fast.

If you are looking for a simple and faster way to edit and enhance your favorite images, PhotoImpact X3 is the image editing software you need.

It will guide you, step-by-step on how to use every tool. This makes the workflow more accessible for people like me who have less experience with image editing programs.

If you're a beginner photo or retouch editor, I recommend a beginner's tablet like the XP PEN Star03 Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet.

In general, I find PhotoImpact X3 an excellent photo-editing application. Whether you are a newbie or your hobby is photographing, I can recommend this program for all your image editing tasks.

Also, the extras that come with the program makes the product unique. It is easy to navigate and has several advanced tools to turn your images into beautiful looking photos

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