Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 Review (Art Arsenal)

Posted in Blog on March 12, 2018


Digital photography is such a promising side interest. You have found delightful individuals and spots to photo.

You've discovered a digital camera that fits your way of life and a spending plan. All is great. However, once in a while, not all photos are perfect pictures.

Somebody squinted, an arbitrary crow flew into your shot, your sweetheart little one jerked ultimately and caused red eyes.

The rundown of what can turn out badly with your photos is apparently endless.

Even if you can upload the image to your website, you must not forget that some of your visitors don't have fast internet speed and it will take a long time to open your image.

Visitors may lose their patience and close your site before the image loads - even if you have an excellent photo to show them.

Large Images Can Ruin User Experience

large_treeSome people have a limited traffic connection, so they can lose traffic only with one page from your site if you don't optimize your images. They may never come back to your pages again!

It is essential to know that if you are using a free web server (hosting) or if your package for hosting is space limited then you may have a problem with the open space for your site.

If you have a lot of pictures in significant sizes, you will use your server space only for a few images, and you will no longer be able to upload more photos.

That is why you will need to optimize your images for the web. The way to these subtle elements is a bit of digital photography software that you can efficiently use.

So what is Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 and why is it amongst the most famous photography software available today.

In the case you're beginning with digital photography and editing photos, Paint Shop Pro 2018 may work for you.

What is Paint Shop Pro 2018?

Paint Shop Pro is an impressive bit of software on which you can edit photos and learn the essentials of digital image handling. The main reason why people choose Paint Shop Pro is the cost.

Individuals who need to utilize their product for their photos can discover that the price for Adobe Photoshop is much too high.

Paint Shop Pro costs less than Adobe Photoshop, which can be just about five times as costly. Paint Shop Pro is also a simple bit of software to learn.

Utilizing some of the instructional exercises accessible on the web or in books, you can learn the fundamentals of Paint Shop Pro in only a couple of days.

The new Art Media tool is a realistic art-based functionality that contains tools including Oil Brush, Palette Knife, Chalk, Pastel, Crayons, Colored Pencil, and Marker.

Turn Photos into an Art Masterpiece

This tool features a traditional-style Mixer that's just like those traditional artist's tools. You can add, mix and sample your paint on an off-canvas area using the new dockable palette.colorful_chemicals

You can also convert photos to an art version by setting the color to Trace; it automatically samples the underlying color. Workflow.

The Express Lab feature lets you quickly make edits to various files. The Smart Photo Fix will make suggested changes to an image to improve attributes such as brightness, contrast and more.

For rapid processing of bulk images, this tool is competent. Shortcuts. There are several ways to activate most of the features, including assigning new shortcut keys to frequently used functions.

For example, I map Alt-F1 to the Levels adjustment and Alt-F2 to Curves. Within those dialogs, you can also assign presets so that you can reproduce specific settings with a single click.

Presets alone saves me hours each month when editing hundreds of images. Cosmetics. Quick cosmetic editing is one of the most influential attributes in this product.

Create Special Effects and Enhance Pictures

white_teethThe makeup brush deals with blemishes, lines and skin tone differences. The toothbrush whitens teeth, and the suntan brush does what you expect it would.

You can complete a cosmetic edit on a high school senior boy in just a minute or two. And the results are outstanding. Image Adjustment.

The excellent contrast tools, Curves, and Levels are quick and full of features. Straighten allows you to rotate and crop to a horizon line.

White balance and other color adjustments are equally healthy. Black and white conversion and "time machine" film style emulation give you some great creative options.

There are many great features for image editing, cleanup, and creative change. Workspace. You can define, save and retrieve different workspaces for different editing activities.

Workspace features allow you to open and anchor dialogs and change other settings on how the program operates.

Automation. There is a robust scripting language which allows you to automate tasks such as resize, watermark and rotate.

Functions applied on the screen can be recorded using a macro mode and saved and edited. These scripts can then be applied in bulk to any and all images in a folder.

Paint Shop Pro Handles Large Tasks

I use this feature to copy and resize images to a new folder for uploading to my lab for proofing prints. You can also bulk rename files so that they follow a name scheme and sequence.

Renaming files are great for renaming critical images from an event such as a wedding preservation.

You can enable Preserve Original mode, where the original images are saved in a lower folder, able to be recovered if you wish to go back.

This simple feature gives you the peace of mind that your images are preserved regardless of your editing. However, working with this software requires an extended time, but you will receive excellent results.

It can convert average photos to excellent shots with eye-popping quality and clarity. These are just a few of the reasons to optimize your images.

But you may wonder how to make them with a small size and still to be of good quality. Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 can help you!

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