Colored Pencils vs Markers (Colorful Insights)

Posted in Blog on February 9, 2019

Colored Pencils vs Markers

The debate regarding art supplies should be preferred over others is endless.

One of the biggest debates when it comes to which medium to use while
coloring is colored pencils vs markers: which is better?

Most debates rarely ever have a clear answer about which medium is better than the other.

When it comes to colored pencils vs markers however, there is one clear winner: colored pencils.

Of course, I will also explain why colored pencils are better by comparing the qualities between the two mediums.

It is not a biased opinion but a calculated one as you will see for yourself.


The first and most obvious thing to consider when you are getting your art
supplies is their cost.

Markers are more expensive than colored pencils.

There are some markers that you can get for $5 apiece.

If you’re going for a full 36 color set of those markers, it will set you back by a significant $180.

A set of 36 colored pencils will not cost you more
than $50 at most.

This is an obvious win for colored pencils in the colored pencils vs markers debate.

Ease of Use

You just have to pick up colored pencils and start using them.

With markers, there is an additional step: you need to remove the cap while you use it and place it back on when you are done using it.

It might not seem like a big deal but if you are using several colors to make your artwork, it matters.

Colored pencils allow you to interchange between multiple colors quickly while markers take longer.

It can get difficult to keep track of the caps if you are completely involved in the work.

It is another win for colored pencils in the colored pencils vs markers debate but a contestable one to be fair.

Ability to Blend

When you are using a medium for coloring, blending is a pretty common thing you do.

Between colored pencils vs markers, the winner is colored pencils because it allows you to blend much better.

You can change the pressure you apply to colored pencils on a piece of paper to differentiate in blending.

This will give you more versatility.

When you use markers, you are able to blend but you cannot mix the colors

Colored pencils also offer a wider range of achievable colors when you blend using them.

Markers are quite limited in that regard.


The last thing to settle the colored pencils vs markers debate is convenience.

When it comes to storage, it does not matter if you store the colored pencils horizontally, vertically upwards or downwards.

Some markers require you to make sure that you store them horizontally and in the right location (not too hot, etc).

It is easier to pack colored pencils and color with them while you are traveling.

Imagine you are on a flight and a sudden surge of artistic inspiration hits

You can use pencils on the tray without a hitch.

With markers, you will constantly be worried about the caps falling off or a
million other things.

Final Thoughts

I think the winner is pretty clear in the debate between colored pencils vs markers. What do you think?

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