Can Adults Learn to Draw Cartoons? (Forever Young)

Posted in Blog on December 6, 2019

Adults Learn to Draw Cartoons_image-min

If you want to learn to draw cartoons as an adult, there's no better time than now. In most people's mind, drawing, especially cartoons, are for children.  This is because when we were kids, one of our favorite games that were introduced to us by our parents was drawing.  Even though drawing is an exciting and interesting activity, most people abandon it when they are grown-up and leave it to their kids.  But today, many Read More »

Tips for Beginners on How to Draw in General

Posted in Blog on December 4, 2019

How to Draw in General with a pencil

Learning how to draw in general is the first step toward becoming a great artist. Drawing is something we loved when we were kids. It is an activity that is interesting, enjoyable, and exciting.  However, many people do not take drawing seriously. Some view it as just a hobby.  They think it is a kid’s thing and nothing to do with adults.  But because of recent trends, drawing has become a career and a hobby Read More »

How to Make Money on DeviantArt - Art Business

Posted in Blog on November 30, 2019

A teacher showing students how to make money on DeviantArt

Many artists want to know how to make money on DeviantArt DeviantART is a popular site and platform for artists. It is a place where you can promote, exhibit, and even share your work to everyone who loves art. It is also a place for artists to share and learn more about art skills from other members. For someone searching for an excellent site to promote his or her artwork and make money, DeviantART is Read More »

How to Market your Art: Tips for Artists

Posted in Blog on November 22, 2019

How to Market your Art

When you market your art to the right audience, you gain exposure and connect with people that have similar interests. This is because there are a lot of artists selling their art pieces and they might not know where to start.  And to make money for your hard work, you need to learn how to market your art using online tools. Happily, there are many great ways you can use to promote your artwork.  By Read More »

Best Art Websites to Learn about Drawing

Posted in Blog on October 16, 2019

Best Art Websites to Learn about Drawing_image-min

Today, the best art websites teach us the fundamentals of how to draw. We believe that you were born with singing skills or drawing skills.  Unfortunately, most people do not think they can draw something good. Whether you want to start a career as an artist or you want to draw just for fun, there are various sites where you can learn about art. Nevertheless, it is essential to decide whether you want to learn how to Read More »

Graphite Vs. Charcoal - Understanding Art Tools

Posted in Blog on October 7, 2019

Graphite and Charcoal_image-min

With drawing, charcoal and graphite are the main mediums artists can use.  Even though both, graphite and charcoal may look alike, they are unique and have different qualities.  Hence, it becomes hard for beginners or art students to pick the best for specific projects. Some people when using a drawing pencil might not know whether they are using a charcoal pencil or a graphite pencil. However, the two are different and posse opposing strengths and Read More »

Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Drawing Tablet

Posted in Blog on September 9, 2019

buying a drawing tablet_image-min

Before buying a drawing tablet, consumers need to learn about the important features. Today, artists rarely use traditional supplies anymore.  They focus on modern tools to present their work.  One modern piece of equipment that is being sorted by every artist is a drawing tablet. A drawing tablet is just like a normal tablet.  But artists use it to transfer their motions to the computer.  Some tablets have replaced the monitors and artists can draw directly Read More »

How to Become a Great Artist like Pablo Picasso

Posted in Blog on September 8, 2019

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If you want to become a great artist, there are several things you need to put into consideration.  Even though every person can become an artist, it takes passion and dedication to become a great artist. Art is an amazing activity that can only become exciting and beautiful if we consider proper factors.  Hence, having a great name in the art industry is a big commitment.  Happily, any person can become a great artist. However, Read More »

How to Hold The Pencil While You Draw

Posted in Blog on August 29, 2019

Pencil and sketchbook

There are a lot of theories about how to hold a pencil when drawing. While the art supplies you use matter a lot, how you use them is more important. You will hear so many people tell you you’re not holding your pencil incorrectly or that is not the standard way to hold it. Let me tell you that trying to force yourself to adjust to a grip you’re not comfortable with is the worst Read More »

Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Marker (Review)

Posted in Art Supplies, Blog on August 24, 2019

Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers_image-min

The Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are great for crafting and multipurpose use. Coloring with markers is fun and educational. They are easy to use and reliable for different art.  However, the desire for every artist is to have a good set that is durable, safe and helpful for artwork. If you are searching for quality markers for your kids, consider Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers.  This set is among Read More »