Top 10 Famous Cartoon Birds: Tweet, Tweet

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The animation is one of the most popular forms of art. Apart from the beauty that comes with cartoon shows, there are many characters that most fans don't forget. From cartoon dogs to cartoon birds, some personalities make animation unique and entertaining. It is because of some of these characters that cartoon shows are amazing. Some cartoon characters have become household names. Their costumes, their behavior, and friends are some things many people admire. Some Read More »

Reviewing the Huion HS64 Drawing Tablet (Portable Painter)

Posted in Blog, Drawing Tablets on December 31, 2019

Revision de la tableta gráfica Huion HS64

The Huion HS64 drawing tablet is an incredible hardware that is making the work of illustrators easier. Graphics designing is a budding career, and many freelancers are earning their full-time monthly income from this artistic profession. Easy access to a bunch of tools like high end laptops, graphics applications and designing tablets helps them become more creative. The compact design and extremely affordable price range promises to enhance the abilities of illustrators, designers and editors. Huion HS64 Read More »

Huion H610 Pro V2 Drawing Tablet Review

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huion h610 pro v2 drawing tablet review_feature_image-min

With a surplus of drawing tablets on the market, it has become hard for beginning artists to pick the best. This is because drawing tablets are available in different shapes and sizes with vast features. One of the most recommended drawing tablets for learning or professional work is the Huion h610 pro v2 graphic drawing tablet. Reviewing the Huion H610 Pro V2 The Huion H610 Pro V2 is a product from a well-known company. It Read More »

Drawing Cartoons is Educational and a Communication Tool

Posted in Blog on December 23, 2019

Drawing Cartoons is Educational_image-min

Drawing cartoons is really an amazing activity, plus making it a hobby is something that many people don't know.  However, if you are one of them who considered or have cartooning as a hobby, this article is definitely for you. You will learn how drawing cartoons can be educational, along with a brief note on art. There are notes on how important art is for elementary schools along with some other interesting topics.  So without Read More »

Drawing Cartoons Helps with Depression the Natural Way

Posted in Blog on December 19, 2019

Drawing Cartoons Helps with Depression_image-min

Drawing cartoons helps with depression by helping you forget about current problems. Nowadays, we all are habituated with the term depression’.  Some of us are regularly fighting with this acute problem.  Many people cannot find a way how to talk. They cannot mingle with others so easily.  It can give them an isolated feeling in front of a large group of friends.  Many people fight with anxiety and it can worsen their mental health as well.  Read More »

How do Artists Make Money in 2020 (13 Ways)

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Artists Make Money in Modern Times

How do artists make money in modern times? This is a question that many people in the art industry ask themselves.  After all, not all audiences can appreciate good art. However, every artist has his way of making money and reach the right audience.  With the proper audience, an artist can reach his or her goals, which in this case are profits. How do Artists Make Money? Many people think making money with drawings or painting is Read More »

How to Make Money Drawing Cartoons (Business Toons)

Posted in Blog on December 13, 2019

How to Make Money Drawing Cartoons

If you love drawing cartoons, then you should look for ways to make money as a cartoonist.  From drawing cartoons for newspapers to being employed by an organization, there are so many methods to make money as a cartoonist. Working as a cartoonist is one of the most fulfilling occupations you can get.  This is because you have time to tell stories through visual drawings. On the other hand, it is a perilous career because you Read More »

Top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts: Creepy Fun

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Top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts

Some people believe in ghosts while others think ghosts are not real, however, these are our top 10 Famous Cartoon Ghosts. A good percentage of people claim to have seen or heard about ghosts. Since there are many stories about ghosts; there is a possibility that spirits are everywhere and nowhere. For the cartoon world, you may find useful good and evil ghosts. Since ghosts are spirits of dead people that may hurt or protect Read More »

How to Make Money on Etsy (7 Ways)

Posted in Blog on December 10, 2019

How to Make Money on Etsy_image-min

If you are questioning whether you can make money with your creative passion, you need to think of Etsy. Etsy is a well-known e-commerce site that deals with handmade and vintage items. At Etsy, you can sell items such as photographs, art, beauty products, jewelry, toys, and many others. We know the site for turning ideas and creativity into businesses. Hence, if you feel you have something unique to offer the world, Etsy is the Read More »

Darice 80 Piece Deluxe Art Set Review

Posted in Art Supplies, Blog on December 8, 2019

Darice 80 Piece Deluxe Art Set Review_feature_image-min

The Darice 80 Piece Deluxe Art Set is used by many beginning artists. A good art set can either make you a better artist or it can cause you headaches. Hence, if you are looking for an art kit, ensure you pick the best. We can use art sets for educational purposes or by professional artists. One of the most recommended art sets for novices and professionals is the Darice 80 Piece Deluxe Art Set. Read More »