Top 10 Cartoon Network Shows of the 90s

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If you were a kid between 1990 and 1999, there are several cartoons shows you definitely want a return.

This is because the 90s cartoon shows were entertaining, exciting and probably more funny than today's cartoons.

During this period, most children enjoyed these shows because there were no smart devices.

It is a period before the introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Most of the 90s cartoon network shows were loved by both adults and children.

Old School is Cool School

They were entertaining, educative and hilarious.

Even though they were released and watched some years ago, most of them are still fresh in our minds.

From Johnny the Bravo to Dexter’s Laboratory, many Cartoon Network shows for this era were outstanding.

They have already earned a special place in many cartoon fans’ hearts.

To help you understand more about these cartoon shows, here are the top ten cartoon network shows of the 90s.

Top 10 90s Cartoon Network Shows

10. I am Weasel

Another excellent cartoon show for the 90s that was featured at Cartoon Network is I am Weasel.

He was a furry creature that was admired by most of his peers.

Although the show was not celebrated at first, it gained popularity as time moved on. It had a total of 79 episodes.

9. The Mask

Due to the demand of Jim Carrey’s comedies in the 90s, The Mask was introduced on Cartoon Network.

It was a great show for everyone. The Mask involved funny characters that made people laugh all the time.

8. The Powerpuff Girls

From adults to children, the Powerpuff Girls is among the best Cartoon Network show from the 90s.

The show is 2D animated that is very entertaining.

It features three superhero girls namely Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup.

The PowerPuff Girl was celebrated for its appealing, distinct and strong female characters.

Blossom (red Powerpuff) is the leader and the most mature lady in the group.

Buttercup (green Powerpuff) is the tomboy of the group, and Bubbles (blue Powerpuff) is the most childish and very innocent.

The Powerpuff Girls is the perfect show to spend some hours watching.

7. Cow and Chicken

Cow and Chicken is another top Cartoon Network show from the 90s.

The show involves two characters a Cow and a Chicken.

David Feiss created it for the Cartoon Network and the 3rd one of the Network’s cartoons.

However, the humor in the show relied on elements that might be deemed inappropriate in today's community.

6. Courage the Cowardly Dog

The next favorite show that featured on Cartoon Network in the 90s is Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Many children of the 90s believe the show was an introduction of horror movies.

It was funny, scaring, and very entertaining.

This show is about a stupid-pink dog with floppy ears. By just looking at the dog, he looks hilarious and exciting.

He lives with Muriel and her husband, Eustace. Although Muriel loves Courage, Eustace seems to dislike him.

Happily, he saves his owners from several dangers.

5. Dexter’s laboratory

Most 90s kids learned about the word laboratory from Dexter’s laboratory.

This is because the show was one of the most famous and successful Cartoon Network shows.

It was among the first animated series on Cartoon Network.

The show focuses on a bright boy who can create outstanding inventions.

However, he has to hide his ideas and deal with his sister who keeps interrupting him and his work.

Even though Dexter is genius, he is an 8-year old boy based on one of the show’s episodes.

Despite crafting great inventions, he has to keep them a secret from his parents since they could ground him for his actions.

4. Ed, Edd and Eddy

Ed, Edd n Eddy is one of the most loved Cartoon Network shows.

The show is funny, exciting and attention-grabbing.

It involves 3 characters of adolescent boys who are trying to survive.

And just like many other teenage boys, Ed, Edd, and Eddy are inspired by girls and candies.

One thing that makes this show famous is the behavior of the three individuals.

Ed is a tall boy but always absent-minded. He loves watching horror movies and eating chicken.

Edd also was known as Double D is the brightest among the three but very thoughtless.

The leader of the group is Eddy.

He always dreams high for the group and outlines the next step for the group.

This is a great cartoon show to watch.

3. Pinky and the Brain

Another top Cartoon Network show is Pinky and the Brain.

It was a great show that managed to have a massive following.

The story involves two mutated laboratory mice whose humor is to poke fun at several mediums such as shows and novels.

Apart from offering great humor to cartoon lovers, Pinky and brain managed to win an award for having an anti-smoking message.

The message was about The Brain suffering some side effects of smoking.

2. 2 Stupid Dogs

Just like the name implies, 2 Stupid dogs is a funny cartoon network show that was loved by many cartoon fans.

The show is about two unwise dogs who were known by the names Big Dog and Little Dog.

From the animation to the show, 2 Stupid Dogs is a fantastic show.

The humor was enough for this cartoon show to make it on the top ten best cartoon network shows.

1. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was a muscular man but very stupid.

He always wore a black t-shirt, and he had blonde and funky hair.

Even though the entire show was simple, it was very active.

The show is one of the best Cartoon Network shows for the 90s.

The show is entertaining, funny and one that cartoon fans should not miss.

From Johnny Bravo's voice that was unique, to his body structure, the show was a darling to many people.

Even though many fans loved the show, studies have shown that most of the supporters of Johnny Bravo were women.

Although the above Cartoon Network shows for the 90s were terminated for various reasons, their fan base is still loyal even today.

Some have managed to come back, but everyone is hopeful that the outcry can get positive results.

Artistic Thoughts

While these cartoons were entertaining for many people, we as artists can capture some ideas.

Focus on the objects in the background of some of these cartoon shows.

They can give you a sense of how things looked in the 90s and can help you generate cool designs.

For example, if you were to design a t-shirt from the 90s, adding some objects from these shows is a good idea.

Try creating your own version of the cartoon character or object to make it unique.

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