Top 10 Cartoon Costumes for Kids - 2019

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Children love to imitate superstars and heroes.

When they dress up like adults or characters they see on TV, they learn a lot of things.

They understand the world around them and also develop their own identity.

Simple cartoon costumes for kids are available online and at local stores.


They are well-designed to create a fun atmosphere for kids of all ages.

Also, kids can have fun while watching their favorite cartoons or when engaging with other children.

Cartoon costumes are pieces of art that are mainly designed by cartoonists.

Since every kid has favorite animated characters, these costumes have become very popular.

You can also get bags, shirts, and other garments.

The Popularity of Cartoon Costumes

Cartoon Costumes for Kids have become very popular.

This is because there are many cartoon shows for all ages.

If you are shopping for a cartoon costume for your kid, you can get any costume you want.

These costumes have been designed for all ages and gender.

This means a kid can have his or her favorite cartoon costume.

The suits have attractive colors that resemble the famous cartoon shows and characters.


Some dresses are just simple garments while others need to be worn with others.

For instance, you can get a complete outfit for Spiderman, Superman, or Batman for your son.

You can also purchase costumes for wonder-woman, PJ Mask or Princess Sofia dresses for your daughter.

What are the Costume Types?

With cartoon costumes, kids can imitate their favorite stars that include cartoon doctors, policemen, firefighter, drivers, and many others.

Some items to find on the package include:

• Dresses

• Masks

• Bart

• Pants

• Caps

• Shirts

• Shoes and many others

Whether you choose a dress or a mask, these costumes can help children mimic their favorite superheroes and characters.


Since they are many cartoon shows and characters, it might be hard to choose the best one for kids.

Keep in mind that children have fun portraying their animated characters while wearing these costumes.

Here are the top ten most used cartoon costumes for kids.

Top 10 Cartoon Costumes for kids

1. Gekko Classic PJ Mask Costume

PJ Mask is a popular cartoon series that involve three young friends who can transform into superheroes namely Gekko, Cat-boy, and Owlette.

However, Gekko is liked by many cartoon fans because of his ability to camouflage with his environment.

Hence, if you are looking for a lovely costume for your son, Gekko-Classic PJ Mask Costume is one of the best.

It is affordable, soft and comfortable for kids.

2. Jurassic World Costume

Another top cartoon costume for kids is Jurassic World Costume for kids.

This costume is a favorite and it's available for all ages.


It is designed to cover the head and the entire body, except the face.

However, before you purchase the costume, it is important to note that there are different sizes.

There are also available in different colors and made of polyester to ensure they are comfortable for everyone.

3. Magician Costumes for kids

Another cartoon costume for kids is the magician cartoon costumes.

Happily, most cartoon shows have magicians performing different magic tasks.

With this costume, kids can try to perform their first magic tricks.

The outfit contains a hat, gloves, a hood, a bag, and other essential accessories.

There are also instructions on how to perform basic magical tricks.

They are available in different colors and for kids aged six years and above.

4. Superhero costume for kids

Every kid wants to become or to be associated with superheroes.


And the best way you can do that is buying them a Superhero costume.

Whether you are looking for a Halloween or birthday party, this is the best costume.

The package consists of a cape and a mask that's suitable for kids aged two years to 10 years.

These costumes can help kids become creative and imaginative as well.

5. Little Red Riding Hood costume

We all love Little Red Riding Hood stories.

And for that reason, having a hood just like the little red riding is just as amazing and exciting.

Happily, you can get this costume for your little daughter.

This costume is unique, attractive, and available in different sizes.

6. Underwraps Wolf Costumes

Another popular cartoon costume for kids is the Under Wraps wolf costumes.

The costumes are comfortable and are made for all kids.


If your kid loves animal cartoons, this is the best costume to shop for him or her.

The outfit is complete with a lovely hood and shoe covers.

It is also available for all ages.

7. Mickey Mouse costumes for kids

Another set of great costumes you can get for your kids are the Mickey Mouse costumes.

These outfits are attractive, lightweight, washable and unique.

Hence, if your kids love Mickey Mouse cartoons, this is a nice costume to consider.

The package contains the mascot's head and body, hand covers, shoe covers, and a tail.

These costumes come in different sizes to ensure that most kids can wear them.

8. Snowman Costume

Another high-end costume for kids is the Snowman costume.


This outfit is attractive, unique and a good one for both girls and boys.

It is made out of lightweight material to make it soft and comfortable.

There are also different sizes for small and big kids.

The outfit consists of a mascot's head and body, hand covers, shoe covers, and a tail.

9. Princess Sofia the First Costumes

Every kid knows Princess Sofia the First and her good behaviors.

And for many girls who love Sofia cartoon shows, they would love to imitate her in everything she does.

If you have noticed your little princess is in love with Princess Sofia, the best gift you can get her is the Princess Sofia the First Costume.

The costume package consists of a dress and one pair of gloves.

10. Ninja child Costumes

Boys love to play as Ninjas. A ninja is seen as a superhero and someone who can win in every battle.


Also, ninjas are not known because their faces are always covered.

Hence, another fantastic cartoon costume you can get is a Ninja Child Costume.


While children may have their own preferences on which cartoon character costume they want, these are great choices.

Most of these popular costumes can be bought in major stores.

However, there are people that build their own costumes.

If you're good at drawing cartoon characters, you can build your own unique costume.

Have any costume ideas to share? Leave your comments below and let us know about your favorite costume.

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