Can Adults Learn to Draw Cartoons? (Forever Young)

Posted in Blog on December 6, 2019

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If you want to learn to draw cartoons as an adult, there's no better time than now.

In most people's mind, drawing, especially cartoons, are for children. 

This is because when we were kids, one of our favorite games that were introduced to us by our parents was drawing. 

Even though drawing is an exciting and interesting activity, most people abandon it when they are grown-up and leave it to their kids. 

But today, many adults and young people have turned to art as a full-time job or for fun. 

If you are an adult and you would like to learn how to draw cartoons, do not be shy.

A good number of people are aspiring to be good cartoonists but feel like it is an activity for young kids. 

Adults can Learn to Draw Cartoons

This is not true because whether you are 10 years, 20 years or 80 years, you can learn to draw cartoons and become a professional.

Many professional cartoonists can confirm that they started drawing when they were adults. 

Hence, it is possible to start again even if you had abandoned drawing when growing up. 

If drawing cartoons, trees, animals or people make you feel happy and lively, age should not restrict you. 

You can learn to draw a cartoon even if you are an adult or a kid; Below are some tips on why adults should learn to draw cartoons.

It is simple to learn

Learning to draw cartoons is one of the simplest things you can learn.

If you are aspiring to learn how to draw wonderful cartoons, it does not take a lifetime. 

It is simple, exciting and fun for everyone; Happily, today you can find enough materials to help you become a great cartoonist.

There are excellent and talented artists who share their work to help upcoming artists. 

In addition, there are several sites such as Lets Draw Cartoons where you learn how to draw cartoons.

Most people think studying art takes a decade. 

But this is not the case because learning to draw cartoons is as simple as learning how to write. 

With the right mindset and with the proper supplies, you can become a great artist in a short time. 

Also, you need to have a focused mind and effort to progress much faster.

First, you need to identify your artistic goals; Then have resources that will help you achieve your goals. 

With proper learning materials, you can turn yourself from an amateur to a professional artist. 

You can also check YouTube videos to get skills on where to start.

Having proper resources and a clear goal will help to shorten the learning time. 

Even though you cannot become a master overnight, learning to draw cartoons is simple and fun.

Life experience is an advantage

Age comes with a lot of experience; You have already seen many cartoons that express sadness, joy, and various moods.

You have also seen cartoons in many books, places, or shared with friends.

Hence, you already have a background of what you want to draw, unlike young kids.

In addition, adults are more comfortable with themselves than children. 

This means you can express yourself more clearly and draw something tangible. 

Also, you will define your creativity; Hence, with practice and having a defined goal, you can learn how to draw cartoons quick.

If you have a kid’s mindset

You do not have to learn when you are a child to become a professional artist. 

What you need is to have a kid’s mindset when learning. 

Having such a mindset will help you embrace new things and be able to progress faster.

Thus, if you always wanted to learn how to draw cartoons but now you feel you are too old for that, it is never too late to learn. 

Keep in mind that your brain does not lose the ability to learn just because you are an adult. 

If you have a child’s mindset, you will learn faster than kids; This is because you are experienced, and determined to learn.

You need not be talented

Most adults think they cannot learn to draw cartoons because they are not talented. 

But this is not true; If you have the passion and you can hold a pen, you can learn how to draw your favorite cartoons. 

Even though some people may learn faster than others, whether or not you are talented, you can learn to draw.

Besides, no one was born an artist, a painter or a musician. 

We all learned to be who we are; We acquire skills through life experiences and learning new things. 

So, being a successful artist is a product of learning. 

So, if you want to learn how to draw cartoons, start learning today, and with a lot of practice, your drawing will become perfect.

Career change is good

If you feel you can change your career to a professional cartoonist, it is never too late. 

There are many adults who have changed careers and become very successful. 

Studies show that adults change their careers over 10 times in their lifetime.

However, it is important to learn the basics before jumping into a professional artist. 

In addition, it might take time for you to consider art as a career. 

But with passion and determination, you can easily change your career to a great artist. 

Fortunately, there are coaches, mentors, and great sites where you can learn how to draw cartoons. 

You can also check the work of a cartoonist you admire.

Learning to draw a cartoon is not as hard as some people think. 

With a clear goal, the right information, and proper art supplies, you can become a great artist in a short time. 

However, getting the knowledge cannot make you a pro overnight. 

You need to be determined and keep practicing for you to draw amazing cartoons. 

Your age does not matter for learning how to draw cartoons. 

Though it might take some years for you to reach a certain level, starting now will ensure you get there.


I've been drawing off and on since I was in third grade. One thing that's true with any artist is that practice makes perfect.

If I don't draw for a long time, my skills become weak and it shows in my artwork. 

You don't have to draw every single day to become a cartoonist, but it requires some commitment.

Creating a steady schedule where you can focus on drawing is the key. 

Try to make drawing fun so you can look forward to your next drawing session.

Last, share your artwork with your children or friends online to get positive feedback.

Artwork feedback is great for improving your skills and staying motivated.

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