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Posted in Drawing Tablets on May 9, 2017
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Modern arts are important in our schools today. I know a lot of people lean towards all the sciences, math, and English classes and the "arts" classes are usually the first to go when funds are low.

tic tac toe

Thinking this way is a huge mistake in my opinion. The arts expand creativity and give each child the power and knowledge of using their voice.

Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play Review

We need creativity in every single profession on Earth, and if you don't nurture it when they are young, it can be hard to build it later in life.

Creativity is why I find drawing, playing pretend, and making music as a child, so integral to their learning and their overall upbringing.

This is what the Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play tablet tries to accomplish.

When I was a child, I was obsessed with coloring books.

My mom would buy me hundreds and hundreds of coloring books a year, and I would spend so much time drawing.

In fact, I was never interested in sports or television and would spend all my free time in these coloring books.

Tools for Today's Youth

Looking back, it amazes me how much paper I must've wasted.

But my mom knew this was more than a hobby for me; this was my passion, and she fueled my desire.

I think this is why I went on to study art in college and why I work as a professional artist/designer today.

What was fascinating during my university career is how technology played a significant role in growing the artistic landscape.


Usually people think there is a fight going on between artists and scientists, but, in fact, we are working together to make all of our industries thrive during this technological era.

Computers and all kinds of new products have helped further the way art is done, and the way we can save art forever.

There are so many tools that you can use that put your art right onto your computer, and you can share it with the world!

A Technological Breakthrough for Kids

As well, the Boogie Board Company has made devices that allow children to use technological products that still incorporate their creativity and enable them to draw freely.

The best part is that their products eliminate the use of paper, and will reduce your house's overall carbon footprint.

The Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play allows your child to write and draw using a stylus that feels exactly like a pen or pencil.

The board gives the illusion of the drafting on paper, so it helps your child learn how to write by hand. I know many parents are worried, with everyone using iPads and laptops, that the next generation may struggle to write by hand.

But with the Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play, it makes your child learn how to write by hand, while still using technology.

There are many types of Boogie boards that you can buy in stores and also online today.

One brand that you can buy is the Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play Learning and Creative Doodle.


The Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play comes with a variety of features to meet all your creative and schooling needs.

These functions include:

  • Makes you feel like you are writing on paper using a pen
  • The stylus can create various effects that can make colors and new shapes
  • Able to both write and draw in lots of different
  • Use any stylus
  • Ability to both save and share with your friends, you child’s personal creative creations
  • Comes with 1 CR2 battery
  • Measures 18.7 x 1.6 x 24.1 cm
  • Furthers creativity, and develops strong communication skills among children
  • Encourages children to draw, play, and most of all learn
  • Can completely erase everything and start over by just clicking one button


  • Very affordable
  • Children love using it
  • Detects writing very accurately
  • Can draw detailed pictures
  • Easy to take on the road
  • Can draw in color


  • No magnets to place on the fridge, etc.
  • Not bright enough on the full surface to see everything
  • Colors are random, can’t decide exactly what colors to use as it is a rainbow
  • Styluses are confusing: the widest one only draws narrow lines
  • Since the background is a rainbow, hard to read all the text on screen
  • The iPhone app that is included is poor
  • Battery stopped working


I just want to preface my conclusion by reminding you this is all my opinion, drawn from my experiences using the Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play with my kids.


As we all know, every single child is different and learns differently.

A product that works fantastic for my child may not work at all for yours.

I recommend going to a store that sells these and sees how your child warms up to them.

If they seem interested, then I think you should consider borrowing one or buying a cheap one just to see if it will be used.

If they can't put it down and have a genuine interest in them, that is when I recommend buying a full one!

It May or May Not Work for You

All that being said, the Boogie Board Kids Scribble N Play Learning and Creative Doodle is just an okay tool.

It is cheap, and children do love it, but it is not all I thought it would be. The background of the screen is the colors of the rainbow, making every piece of text your child writes hard to see. This defeats the whole point of this product.

As well, the colors are not customizable and come out as random.

This precise tool comes with an iPhone app that I found to be terribly made.

If you're looking for a smaller size tablet, read about the Boogie Board Jot 4.5 LCD eWriter Clear View: Review.

I tried it for a day and then deleted it off my phone as it just made my child's artwork look awful.

There have been many cases where the battery stopped working.

I recommend looking at other Boogie board devices that will benefit your child's learning more than this one.

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