Best Art Supplies for Professionals of 2019

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Let it be told, here is a list of my Top 5 Best Art Supplies for Professionals of 2019.

There are five important art supply guidelines that I use when searching for drawing supplies.


As a professional, selecting the right brand names is crucial for your overall success.

While some brand names are popular, it doesn't mean they are of good quality.


When shopping for different colors, pay attention to the quality of the set.

Some colored sets lose value because there are too many colors and they lose their shine.


Professional artists don't rely on limited art supplies, they have a combination of useful materials.

Searching for art mediums that can be used in various situations is the key to efficiency.


Knowing which type of art set to get for the job is very important.

Art sets can be built throughout time, or we can buy them as starter kits.

Remember, you can buy an established art set now and upgrade it later on.

Materials used in the making

They make art materials out of different components; each component is unique.

As professional artists, we are looking for quality materials that can last a long time.

Some following art sets have been assembled by professional artists with quality in mind.

Read each mini-review to find out more about each art set and its benefits.

If you're interested in one art set but want more information, read the full review.

Name Feature 1 Feature 2 Editor's Rating
Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils Travel Ready 40 Piece 4 Out of 5 Stars
Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set 59 CT Pigma Ink 59CT Set 4 Out of 5 Stars
Free Hand Professional Art Set Travel Case Drawing Kit 4 Out of 5 Stars
Bellofy 33 Piece Professional Art Kit FREE Sketchbook Zipper Case 4 Out of 5 Stars
Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers 88 Colors Dual Tips 4 Out of 5 Stars

1. Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils

Castle Art Supplies Sketch Set is an art kit for beginners and professional artists.

If you are searching for a nice package that can make a difference in your artwork, consider Castle Art supply.

The art pieces are well-arranged in a unique, travel-friendly case.

Who can use the Castle Art Supplies Sketch Set?

This well-organized kit is designed for children and adult artists.

It is great for professionals and students working on drawings or painting projects.

Inside the bag there are quality pencils and art accessories all in one place.

Castle Art Set is among the best art kits on the market because of its quality pieces.

Art experts who have knowledge of every art piece crafted the art kit.

Even though most people are happy with this Castle art set, some are not.

Users have complained that the quality of pencils and graphite is poor.

For instance, when sharpening the graphite, it may continue to break.

Also, the pencil tips are not of high-quality. They are weak and may break several times.

The pencil wood is easily damaged.

What's inside the box?

The Art Supplies Sketch Set contains almost everything you need to draw.

Whether you are new to art or a veteran artist, you will find the most popular tools and materials inside this set.

Some main items inside Castle Art Supplies Sketch Set include graphite pencils, pastel pencils, charcoal pencils, pencil extender, sandpaper block, art knife, charcoal sticks, a sharpener, and a few others.

The art set is well packed with blending tools to help users move from basic drawing into detailed work.

However, some customers believe the art pieces lack of quality.

Even though they advertise this art set for children, the brand should have spent more time on quality.

The graphite, pencils, and other supplies are easily broken.

Overview of features

The Castle Art Sketch Set comes with 40 art mediums to help you design fantastic work.

It is a simple artist set for hobbyists and experts who love drawing.

The case is among the most travel-friendly packs you can find.

It is well-designed for school, work or home.

You can keep all your pieces tidy and in order.

It also has a zipper that secures the accessories while you travel.

How to use this set

There are no official instructions on how to use the sketch set.

It is well-arranged so you find the supplies when you need them most.

The graphite, pastel pencils, and sticks are packed in their specific pockets.

Alternatives products

Because of some drawbacks, users may consider alternative products.

Here are some similar art kits which include the Professional Art Set - Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils and the Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers.

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2. Sakura Pigma Micron Pen Set 59 CT

Some years back, drawing pens were exclusively made for architects and engineers; however, things changed when cartoonists, illustrators, and other artists started using them.

Among the most preferred fine-line pen set is Sakura Pigma Micron.

Below, I summarize this artist fine-line set.

Who uses the Sakura Artist Set?

Initially, this set is made for people looking for quality fine-line pens for journalism, art, paper crafting, scrapbooking, and demonstration.

Fortunately, with this package, you have your choice of several colors and tip sizes.

In addition, the ink is of good quality and hardly fades.

Hence, if you are searching for ideal pens for drawing accurate images and finer lines, Sakura Pigma Micron Fine-line Pens might be a good choice.

Most importantly, the package is available at a reasonable price and good for most artists.

In short, it is recommended for comic work, sketching, writing, illustration, journalism, autographs, and many others.

Not every person can use these pens.

First of all, if you need pens for regular use, they may disappoint you with the package.

First, the plastic container that holds the pens breaks easily, causing the pens to mix up.

Second, it can take you hours to arrange the pens by size.

What's inside the box?

If drawing cartoons is your thing, the Sakura Pigma Micron Fine-line Pen Artist Set is a kit for you.

In other words, it is a set that contains everything you need.

The Sakura Pigma Micron set has 59 different pens that have plastic tips to provide accurate and reliable lines.

Also, the pens are available in different colors to give more options for various effects.

However, the quality of the pen is debatable.

For example, most users said that the package was cracked on arrival.

And then, some pens were missing.

The other drawback noted is that the pens are unattractive.

Features of Sakura Pigma Micron pens

Sakura Pigma Micron is popular among artists because of its remarkable features.

These pens are reliable and provide accurate lines.

Their softness allows the ink to flow smoothly and are perfect for artwork and writing needs.

These professional fine-lines are perfect for comic art, writing, autographs, journalism, illustration, and sketching.

In addition, the colors are great, and you can use the pens on different materials.

They are fade resistance, no smears, and are waterproof.

The colors are from light yellow to dark blue and have no odor.

How to use the Pigma Micron pens

For starters, using a fine liner is as simple as using an ordinary pen.

However, you need to understand the different pen sizes and the colors to produce outstanding images.

Alternatives products

Sakura Pigma Micron pens are famous for many reasons.

This quality art set makes an excellent gift to any artist.

Furthermore, you pick your tip size and color from the 59 pens.

Then, the ink is of high quality and it doesn't fade easily.

Nevertheless, if you feel the urge of getting something else, consider these alternative pens.

Taotree Fineliner Colored Sketch Writing Drawing Pens or the Castle Art Supplies Microline Ultra-Fine Tip Archival Ink Pens.

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3. Free Hand Professional Art Set

If you are shopping for a drawing kit for you or your kids, Professional Art Set - Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils may interest you.

It is on top of the list because it has many quality art supplies used by professional artists.

They sell it in a travel-friendly case easy to carry and store accessories.

Who can use the Professional Art Set?

This kit is dedicated for veteran and novice artists.

They loaded the package with amazing tools and materials needed by artists.

With this art set, you can start on your art projects immediately.

It comes with a nice case to ensure all your art supplies are organized properly.

The package is not too big for kids and they can easily carry the art kit around.

The art supply case is unique, classy, and lightweight for people who are traveling around.

However, this set might not be a good choice for some professionals or small kids.

First, various art pieces are not of high-quality.

You might find broken art supplies once you open the package.

Also, there are small pieces that might pose a risk to kids below three years old.

What is inside the Package?

The Clear Art Drawing Set has many art mediums you may need for your projects.

The supplies are suitable for simple tasks by kids, to complex projects by experts.

Some items inside the package include charcoal sticks, 100 sheet drawing pads, high-quality pencils, soft graphite pencils, sandpaper block, art knife, and much more.

If you're a veteran, you may find this art set to be tiny.

Besides, some accessories included with the art kit are of low-quality.

Some users confirmed that they received broken cases and zipper problems.

This art set might not be a good choice for someone who needs to complete important art tasks.

Overview of features

There are pencils, graphite and other pieces available to ensure users are well-equipped.

The availability of different art pencils allows artists to develop various skills needed for artworks.

We know the art kit brand for providing high-quality art supplies.

This means your art mediums should last a long time.

It is a complete drawing set that comprises sharpeners, charcoal sticks, pencils, and an art knife to help you become innovative.

The set comes in a travel-size case perfect for traveling individuals.

If you are a traveling artist, the package may suit your needs.

How to use the art kit

The Professional Art Set is one of the most straightforward sets available.

The supplies are all arranged, organized and zipped in a case.

Also, the pencils and the charcoals are easy to retrieve and store.

Alternatives products

At the end, this product might be too small for some people, and the quality of the graphite and other pencils might not work well for everyone.

Therefore, I'm recommending the following alternative products.

Check out the Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set (40 Piece Kit), Complete Artist Kit Includes

Charcoals, Pastels and Zippered Carry Case, Includes Rare Pop-Up Stand or H & B Sketching Pencils Set Drawing and

Sketch Kit 33 Piece Set with Pencils, Erasers, Graphite Stick, Sandpaper Block, Pencil Sharpener.

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4. Bellofy 33 Piece Professional Art Kit

The Bellofy 33 piece professional Art Kit is a popular set that's well-known for great art pieces.

It is a set that has been designed for all artist levels.

If you are looking for comfort, reliability, and durable art supplies, the Bellofy Art Kit is a solid choice.

Who uses the Bellofy Art Kit?

Any person in the art industry can use this kit. This is because they make the art set for artists of all levels.

Whether you are a professional artist, a student, or a beginner, this package can help.

The 33 piece professional art kit model was the first one to have a traveling bag.

It's a clear sign that the designers understand the hassles artists go through when packing their supplies while traveling.

The travel bag is friendly, well-designed, and has various pockets for your art pieces.

This Bellofy art set sounds good, but it might disappoint people who are looking for quality art products.

According to user reviews, pencils and color pencils breaks easily.

It might upset a beginning artist because the sketch pad is missing in several packages.

It is also small for people who expect more art pieces for professional projects.

What It includes?

The Bellofy Kit has a wide range of art supplies.

From the essential tools to the complex ones, you will find the one you need.

Some pieces included are the charcoal sticks, a sharpener, graphite pencils, art knife, pencil extender, blending stumps, charcoal pencils, wood-less pencils, eraser, and a few other pieces.

At the same time, parts come in a travel case and with a sketchbook.

Be warned that some of these kits were missing art pieces.

Always check the box, it should have a free sketchbook. A few customers claimed that sketchbooks were missing.

This might frustrate kids and beginners. Another issue is about the quality of the supplies.

Even though the set is affordable, the graphite pencils and the charcoal pieces are disappointing.

They break easily and don't produce fine art expected by professional artists.

Product Features

For someone who is starting art class, the 33 piece professional Art Kit contains the essential art pieces.

It can also be a nice gift for anyone who enjoys art and needs an art kit.

The supplies are in an ideal case that is organized and secure. It is also travel-friendly for traveling artists.

And with the most important pieces available, you will be ready to start your art duties.

The charcoal sticks, eraser, and other supplies are tightly arranged for easy access.

How to use the Bellofy 33 piece Set

The 33 piece professional kit comes with a guide for art students and beginners.

It's a straightforward kit that does not need instructions on how to use it.

The pieces are well arranged in the case and are easy to access.

Alternative products

Looking for alternative products? May I recommend the Professional Art Set - Drawing, Sketching and Charcoal Pencils with

a 100-Page Drawing Pad and Kneaded Eraser included - Art Kit for Kids, Teens, and Adults or the Castle Art Supplies

Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set (40 Piece Kit), Complete Artist Kit Includes Charcoals, Pastels and Zippered Carry Case, Includes a rare pop-up stand.

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5. Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers

Are you searching for a great art set that your kids will enjoy and improve their creativity?

You might consider the Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers.

These are great markers that have been designed for adult coloring and kids drawing.

Who uses the Shuttle Art Markers?

These are markers designed for anyone looking for professional permanent markers.

Shuttle Art Markers comprise 88 markers that offer a wide range of colors.

Hence, whether you want markers for an artistic project or a hobby task, this set can handle it.

The art kit has 88 different colors that are easily identified by a color number.

This makes it easy for children to learn how to use different colors quickly.

However, there are issues with this set of markers.

For instance, if you expect these markers to be of top quality, they may disappoint you.

The colors are not as attractive as other brand markers on the market.

What is inside the box?

These 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers are suitable for beginners and kids.

There are many colors to choose from and children will enjoy using these markers with coloring books.

The package has 88 color markers that are acid free and non-toxic. This means they are safe for kids to use.

Also, they are dual tip markers for more comfortable highlights, sketching, and other tasks.

But the color of the markers are not as bright as they should be.

They feel like low-quality markers, and the pens dry up fast.

These markers also come in a cheap case that does not hold them safely.

Shuttle Art Marker features

The Shuttle Art Dual Tip kit are markers that can be used on paper, wood, glass, cloths, ceramic, and many other elements.

They are well-designed for easy use and comfort.

Also, this pack contains bonus storage to ensure you can easily take it anywhere.

The dual tips make it easy for users to draw shadows, highlights, bullet points, and standard writing.

These Dual Tip Art Markers blend well and dry quick.

You can blend several colors to create a fantastic image.

The good news is that the colors won't fade easily and can last for a long time.

The markers are safe for kids as they are acid-free, non-toxic, and safe to use.

How to use these markers

Use these permanent markers as any other marker.

There are no special requirements and they do not need any instructions.

They are well labeled to help beginners and children use them.

You can use them on ceramic, paper, glass, and other surfaces.

Alternatives products

For alternative markers, you may consider the Dual Tip Brush Pen Art Markers - 60 Colors + Custom Case - Professional

Artist Set For Adult Coloring Books, Bullet Journal, Sketching, and More! [Non-Toxic & Odorless Watercolor] or the Shuttle

Art 56 Colors Dual Tip Brush Pens Art Markers, Brush Tip with Fineliner 0.4 Markers Pen Set for Adult coloring books Bullet Journal.

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