Bellofy Art Kit 33 Piece Professional Art Supplies Kit Review

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The Bellofy Art Kit 33 piece professional art set is known for its high-quality art pieces.

Drawing is fun, and entertaining when you have inspiring art supplies.

Hence, if you want to determine your creativeness or that of your children, you need to get an art kit.

The Bellofy 33 piece professional art supplies kit is among the best on the market.

The Bellofy Art Kit 33 Piece Review

In addition, it is affordable, reliable and a good set for artists of all levels.

If you are searching for a complete kit, The Bellofy Art Kit is a good choice.

This set of 33 pieces is excellent for individuals who love drawing and coloring.

It is ideal for veterans, beginners, and students. It is reliable, safe, and instrumental.

Who should use the Bellofy Art Kit?

The makers of this Art Kit believe everyone has artistic potential.

Hence, this kit is designed and made for anyone who loves art.

From small artists to experts, the package has everything you need to design.

Artists designed it and they made sure that every piece fits all artistic levels.

The art set balances comfort and quality to help you achieve
your art goals.

A Carefully Designed Set

When you buy the Bellofy 33 piece professional Art Kit, you get supplies that are made to let you turn all your artistic visions into reality.

This 33 piece art kit was the first one with a travel kit on the market.

The founder loved to take his art supplies wherever he went.

Hence, They designed the bag to ensure other artists enjoy their passion even while traveling.

Beginners and professional artists can use this set.

Various Art Materials

It has outstanding pieces to encourage beginners and offer them inspiration.

The availability of charcoal sticks, graphite pencils, graphite sticks, and other necessary art pieces helps students and novices get started with ease.

Even though it can be a good choice for young art fans, they should supervise children below three years old when using the small pieces.

Also, professional artists believe the quality of the supplies is not as expected.

What's in the Bellofy Art Kit?

The Bellofy 33 piece professional Art Kit is designed for all artists.

Hence, if you are looking for a kit that contains most of the basic art tools, this is an excellent brand.

They make it to help beginners unleash their creativity.

Every single tool available is handy.

If you enjoy drawing or coloring, this art kit is
an excellent choice.

There are 33 pieces inside the kit to ensure you achieve all your creative goals.

Some pieces inside the box are:

  • One metal double-hole sharpener for graphite pencils
  • One - hole sharpener
  • 3 - Charcoal sticks
  • Three charcoal sticks (Soft, medium, and Hard)
  • One sandpaper pointer
  • One metal art-knife
  • One pencil extender
  • 3 blending stumps
  • 3-charcoal pencils (soft, medium, and hard)
  • One ultra-soft graphite woodless pencil (6B)
  • One white-vinyl eraser (for charcoal pencils)
  • One kneaded-eraser
  • 12-premium graphite pencils

This art set is best for beginners, students, intermediates and hobbyists.

Made for Beginning Artists

The Bellofy art kit is influenced by artists.

Hence, all the products are designed and crafted for artists.

Apart from the tools above, the kit comes with a portable bag and a sketchbook.

This is very helpful for beginners and traveling artists.

The bag also helps you to store and preserve all your pieces in one place.

As a complete set, the Bellofy 33-piece Art Kit has a few

A few things to know

Some people have complained that the package did not
have a free sketchbook.

Even though these cases are rare, this can lead to frustration.

Children expecting a sketchbook will become upset if they don't get one.

Another down-side about the Bellofy 33-piece set is the quality of the pieces.

Even though the product is affordable, professional artists
say the art-pieces are not of high quality.

Some pencils and color pencils are fragile and could break easily.

Overview of Bellofy Art Kit

If you are inspiring to become an artist or your children love drawing, the Bellofy Art Kit is an excellent product.

It is made by professional artists to encourage and help upcoming artists.

The kit has many unique features that you can use to turn your creativity into amazing art-work.

Below are some main features.

The portable kit is very instrumental. It helps you take your art
everywhere you go.

The case is sleek, attractive and easy to carry.

If you are shopping for a gift to give to an art fan, the Bellofy art
set is an ideal choice.

Beginners, professionals, and students can enjoy all these art tools.

Great for School Projects

Most of these art materials are all an artist needs to get started.

There are quality pencils and other supplies to jump start your drawing career.

You will find charcoal sticks, kneaded erasers, and other tools to enhance your passion.

Art is all about creativity; And with the right art kit, learning about art becomes fun and productive.

Important Art Supplies

The kit has different art materials and a sketchpad.

The Bellofy 33-piece professional Art Kit contains the most important art supplies needed.

Fortunately, these supplies are of high quality.

This means you can use them for a long time.

There are also step-by-step guides that come with the kit to teach young artists.

How to use Bellofy Art Kit 33 Piece set

This Bellofy 33-piece Art Kit is one of the best drawing sets on the market.

And apart from having essential art pieces, the supplies are
easy to access.

They are well-organized inside the kit.

Also, there is a guide that comes with this set.

It helps kids, students, and beginners to use each tool correctly.

Alternatives Products

When searching for a good drawing kit, the Bellofy Professional Art-Kit is among the top products.

It has a portable case, all the basic art pieces, and guides to help you get started.

However, some people might not be happy with a few pieces.

If it does not satisfy you or you want a more advanced set, there are several alternatives you should consider.

Some of the best alternative products include:


When searching for the right art set, choose one that has the exact tools you need for the job.

While it may tempt you to buy many art materials, we do not need most.

I recommend waiting until your next art project requires additional art tools.

See a list of our top rated art materials below.

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