Art Supplies Every Artist Should Have Right Now

Posted in Blog on September 25, 2018


Are you interested in becoming an artist?

Is it something that you want to add into your life, or are you already in the thick of it and want to revamp the tools you use?

Whatever your case may be, I just wanted to start off by saying congratulations!

For some reason, there are many people who lose touch with their creative side the older they get.

It becomes more about paying bills than playing with creativity.

Being an artist does not mean you have to be perfect, it actually means the opposite.

Having the ability to play and learn something new.

There are no rules when it comes to art and even if you haven’t drawn in years, it is something that you can dive right into without any previous training.

Art Supplies Every Artist Should Have

What is the first tool you remember writing with? For most of us it was the pencil.

Well, surprise, surprise, that is the first thing that I think every artist should have.

A pencil is an incredible tool that can be used over and over again to create certain shades and levels when it comes to creating art.

Almost every art piece begins with a pencil, so before you buy anything else, I recommend getting a pencil kit.

These kits come with a variety of different pencils that range in shade and size of lines.

You want variations when it comes to pencils, so getting a full kit would be best.

The best thing about pencil drawing is that it teaches you that mistakes can be OK, and the best artwork is constantly being redone.

With a pencil you can erase all the time. After beginning with pencils, begin expanding your art supplies to include charcoal pencils and graphite sticks.

They will allow your original pencil sketches to evolve into something with added depth and flavor.

What are You Drawing On?

An artist needs something to draw on.

This is probably obvious to you, but it is a supply that I feel often goes overlooked.

You need high-quality paper to be drawing on and this should be at the top of your supply list.

We recommend starting off with a sketch book because we especially love the paper found in them.

They are the perfect size and thickness, and also a great area to store all of your original ideas.

You will also need separate paper and canvases for painting so invest in some of those too.

Adding Color and Paint

So now that you have the pencil kit, and everything that goes with it, you are going to want to add in some color.

We recommend purchasing colored pencils to start with, as they will complement your pencil sketches, and then move into pastels.

Pastels can be a lot of fun to play with and the best ones add a certain pop to most drawings.

Once you start getting into the paint territory there are a lot more supplies that you will need to purchase.

You will need to get paint for starters, and then brushes to go along with them.

We recommend buying these supplies last just to see if you even want to paint.

Many artists like sketching the best as there is little clean up and it’s easier to go mobile.

One of our favourite ways to add color is through dual tipped markers.

These are markers that usually come in packs of over 50, that have both a thick edge and a thin edge.

That way you can play with lines and levels in your work.

How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

Becoming an artist means there are going to be a lot of supplies, however it is not going to break the bank.

These days there are many beginner art sets that come in well under $50 that include everything we talked about above.

While they may not be of the highest quality, they will get the job done and will be effective enough starting out.

The internet is going to be your best friend starting out, and you can actually learn so much through YouTube tutorials.

The great part is they are free.

You have already taken the most important step – doing your research to know what to get – and now you should do more research on the brands of art supplies that you should buy.

I can’t wait to see your new creations.

Start your day with these quality art materials below.

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