Analyzing the GAOMON PD1560 15.6" Drawing Tablet

Posted in Drawing Tablets on January 8, 2019


Who do you trust when you’re searching for new designing equipment?

This is the GAOMON PD1560 15.6 drawing tablet, stay here and look.

A drawing tablet determines the quality of work you can produce, so you
need to make the right decision.

Partnering with experts in the field is one way of sidestepping potential problems. 

GAOMON PD1560 15.6" Drawing Tablet Review

The brands that established themselves and impressed their clients have already figured out what you need. 

That’s why we’re reviewing the GAOMON PD1560 15.6 Inch graphics tablet.

GAOMON has been around for a while, so we’re hoping this model in its
range can help you enhance your creative output. Let’s take a look!

Any Setup Works

Here’s what GAOMON gets: No consumer wants to waste time on setting up, and with this PD1560 you won’t.

The device is compatible with many software programs, computers and
monitors, so you’ll rarely have a lengthy setup.

Simply connect via the USB cords to either Windows or Mac devices.

It’s also appropriate for both left- and right-handed users since you can
switch the orientation in the settings menu.

Furthermore, it helps you align your work technique with your existing habits.

If you prefer a matte surface to work on, simply use the provided screen

If you don’t use it, the brand’s two-finger glove helps prevent smudges.

Choose your method and enjoy!

Note: It’s difficult setting it up with a second or third monitor.

If you’re used to a multi-screen setup, be prepared for some trial and
error time until you get the exact setup you want.

What’s in the GAOMON PD1560 Box?

  • The monitor
  • The ArtPaint40 rechargeable pen
  • Cable to charge pen
  • An integrated cable (3 in 1)
  • Power adaptor
  • Holder for pen
  • Eight replacement nibs
  • Two finger glove
  • Manual (multiple languages covered)
  • Protector for screen comes free of charge


This tablet will result in high-quality designs thanks to the physical
design that helps you create a comfortable work method.

Along with that, you have a few exceptional features that end up giving you
defined, high resolution and color accurate images.

Here are a few features that stand out.


As mentioned, this works with many types of monitors, computers and

No matter your current setup, this should be easy to incorporate since you simply connect via USB.

Just note that some drivers tend to give users trouble, requiring some software downloads.

Left hand mode

You can adjust settings to suit a left- or right-handed person.

Simply look for the rotation option in the settings menu. This works on both
Windows and Mac.

Shortcut keys

You have 10 keys you can use for shortcuts, positioned on the side of the

Because they’re customizable you can program them according
to your preferred work method and habits.

Dual monitor support

You can easily copy the display to an additional monitor, whether it’s
for a Windows or Mac computer. 

Just remember to keep the display at 100% and request to extend the images to an additional screen, not make the new screen the only viewing option.

Adjustable stand

You can work at your preferred angle between 10° and 90°.

All it takes is pulling on the switch and placing it in the position you want.

Ergonomic design

All parts of the GAOMON PD1560 are designed to make for a customized,
comfortable work session.

The pen is comfortable to hold, the buttons are allocated in a functional place and you can adjust the screen angle.

Menu keys

You have five menu keys for basic functions and power.

These are positioned on the side, out of the way so you don’t accidentally
brush over them while you’re working.

Save your settings

The unit allows you to save particular settings you like to use again later.

Perhaps you need to switch between software programs or
reinstall software.

Simply save the settings you prefer in a certain folder and open it up again when you want to continue using them.


You can draw even while the pen charges so you never have to waste time
during working hours.

The pen is nice and light, but this could be a drawback.

Professional designers often prefer some more weight which
can enhance control.

It’s also difficult to gauge how much pressure to apply.

The pen also requires regular calibration so this part of
the design needs work. 

Many users find they need to calibrate each time they open their drivers and start new work.

Large layout

This is a great size if you feel cramped working on small tablets.

The large size is specifically ideal if you work on landscape layouts.

Drawing glove

The brand provides you with a two finger drawing glove.

This prevents smudging while you’re drawing.


  • Weight: 8.3lb
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Dimensions: 452.4mm x 252mm x 19.5mm (Active work area is 344.16mm × 193.59mm)
  • Pen pressure levels: 8192
  • Report time: 25ms


  • One-year warranty
  • Customizable shortcut keys
  • An extremely high pen pressure level
  • Adjustable stand included
  • Smart positioning of buttons
  • Easy setup
  • Great resolution
  • Compatible with many hardware and software options


  • Expensive unit
  • The pen is too light
  • Tablet tends to freeze when not in use
  • Calibrating the pen is tricky
  • Finding the right drivers is difficult
  • Loading drivers can cause faulty working of the computer


If GAOMON can improve the pen, this would probably soar to the tops of
rating lists.

It has the technical features most designers want and it's even user-friendly and easy to set up.

Warning: If you love the pen you’re working with now, this model may disappoint you, which means you may just have to wait for the next upgrade.

Check out our best alternative drawing tablets below.

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