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In my photography career, I have worked with different programs. Even though I have my favorites, many of them have limited boundaries. It might not be possible to achieve excellent images as you would wish.

For example, Photoshop grew as my capabilities grew. It is a unique program with a wide range of tools and features. Photoshop has remained an undisputed leader when photo editing is concerned.

dog_faceFor over twenty years, it has cemented itself as the best program for new and professional photographers. For many years, nothing had ever presented itself as a robust Photo-shop competitor until recently when Serif brought Affinity photo.

The day I discovered Affinity Photo, I moved immediately. Affinity Photo is a program that is specially made for photographers. Unlike Photoshop that is a tool for different fields, this program is the best if you are in the Photography industry.

Affinity Photo has everything a photographer needs. You can edit, enhance and retouch images in a quick and friendly manner. It is also affordable, has powerful tools, better RAW-development and offers speedier processing.

Affinity Photo Review

Affinity Photo is a remarkable software and a good one if you are on a budget. It is the newest photo-editing program from Serif (the creators).

This editing software has excellent tools and features. It is aimed at professionals and created for Mac and Windows users. With its high features, it is reliable and convenient for people looking for quality and faster processes.

If you have used photo-editing software, Affinity Photo will feel familiar to similar editing software. However, if you have never used a photo-editing program before such as Photoshop, you can find help online by posting your queries in the online forum.

At forums, you can report issues or bugs during the Beta-stage of the software. Affinity Photo comes with numerous editing tools such as cropping, selection, red-eye removal, drawing tools, painting and vector-shape tools.

It also has several advanced tools that are easy and simple to use, and it produces the best effects.roller_skating

For professional photographers looking for a smoother, faster and more powerful photo-editing software, Affinity Photo is the best. It is a program that will help you get quality images the way you want.

If you wish to edit, retouch or create something unique, it has the power you need. Below are the main features of Affinity Photo.


• Complete retouching tools – for quick corrections or a detailed retouch, Affinity Photo is great.

• Professional adjustments and corrections – improve and correct your images with several amazing tools.

• RAW work-space – you can quickly develop RAW files with precise adjustments, and all corrections you need.

• Precise selections – if you want to cut objects, create masks, you can achieve a high level of accuracy with Affinity Photo.

• Batch processing – you can quickly format a whole folder of images very fast.

• Natural brushwork – over 120-brushes which makes Affinity a fantastic program.

• Photo stitching – get automatic photo-alignment with a faultless-photo-stitching feature.

• Other essential features include support for various graphics tablets, filters, and Photo-shop like environment among many others.


Affinity for Photographers

Affinity Photo is an image-editing program that can be used by anyone in the photography industry. Created for Mac users, this photo-editing program is like no other.

It is a program that targets photographers who are looking for enhanced photography features. Even though there are many photo-editing programs, Affinity Photo is different as it focuses more on photography.

There are many reasons why you should start using Affinity Photo. When checking on usability, it is a program that is a bit close to Photoshop. If you are new to the photography field, it is not a complicated software.

Availability of advanced features and exceptional tools is one good reason you should start using the program. Also, the fact that it is an improved version of Photoshop, this is what makes it a great platform.

What are the benefits of using Affinity Photo?

1. You can use brush tools to accurately and quickly paint several areas.

2. Use it with several graphics tablets

3. Supports text styles such as title, body copy, and subtitles

4. Has export and import options for a comprehensive multi-channel.

5. You can edit several images at once. Editing saves time and makes your work easier.

6. Availability of RAW helps you make accurate adjustments and corrections.


• Intuitive workspace

• Awesome live filters

• Excellent base raw-processor

• Cheaper for all those fantastic features

• History save even if you close a document

• Availability of several brushes makes it flexible.


• Saving and exporting seems complex

• Some Photoshop actions are not importable, and probably Photoshop plug-ins may not work


kids_playingAffinity Photo is beyond doubt an excellent photo-editing program. Even though some glitches need to be fixed and some features should be ironed out, it is currently the best on the market.

With its advanced features and tools, it is easy to add professional looking improvements to all your photos. Though some people think it is not an easy program, the availability of online forums has helped a lot.

Affinity Photo is a software that is compatible with GIF, JPG, RAW, PNG, PSD and PDF files. Its flexibility lets you open several data files and be able to save them in a way that can adjust your images.

Give it a Try

Usually, when you are uploading photos to the internet, it easily compresses them to load faster. It also gives you options to adjust the size of your photos when saving. However, it does not support animation files. Hence, creating animated GIFs might not be an option with this program.

I can admit that Affinity Photo is the only photo-editing program I have been using since I discovered it. And the more I work with it, the more I become creative. Hence, give it a try if you are in the photography industry.

Though it cannot outdo Photoshop in some tasks, it has replaced Photoshop when Photo-editing is concerned. It is affordable, and you can use it on many graphics tablets.

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