Affinity Designer Review – An Illustrator Alternative

Posted in Blog on April 18, 2018
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Affinity Designer vs Adobe Illustrator YouTube video

As a designer, the Adobe and other designing programs have dominated the graphics industry for several years.

They have been the savior and probably the best applications for many professional's designing careers.

Regarding InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator I couldn't think of any other programs that I could try.

But a few months ago, as I was researching about designs and other design programs, I stumbled upon interesting software.

I discovered numerous programs that are giving Adobe real competition.

A New Player in the Design Field


The moment I found there are plenty of designing applications and programs with advanced features and useful tools, I was excited. But it was not easy to settle on the best program.

The best business plan I can recommend to any graphic designer is the Illustrator alternative Affinity Designer.

This graphic design software is among the latest designing tools that can help you design professional, stunning and quality designs.

It is a vector-design solution that can be used by creative, artists and professional designers.

Below is a useful overview of the program, who can use the tool and why, the benefits, and pro and cons of the program.

An Overview of Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a design tool that can be used by beginners or professionals working on icons, illustrations, UI designs, branding, typography, web graphics, concept arts, print projects, mock-ups, logos, pattern designs and much more.

With this software, you can create lovely curves, customize live shapes, and use stunning colors.

It also allows artists to create texts for headlines.

I can say Affinity Designer is one of the smoothest, most elegant and most detailed vector-graphic-design software on the market.

Every feature and tool on this program is developed to make the designing work easy and fast.

It is simple to use, and you do not have to struggle once you learn the basics.


Moreover, Affinity Designer can create great designs utilizing the zooming features, flexible guides, advanced grids, and the snapping options.

The software also provides an asset-management functionality that can help you arrange and organize your projects.


• Dazzling colors – we all understand that color is the backbone of design. Without color, there is no design.

Happily, Affinity Designer has incredible colors. The choice is limitless.

  • Precise curves – the importance of crafting curves are well covered with a precision-engineered pen-tool.
  • Flawless geometry – with several customized live-shapes, it is so easy to adapt when using Affinity Designer.
  • Brush stabilization – availability of windows and rope stabilizers help the user produce the most accurate and smoothest curves.
  • Non-destructive-operation – the feature allows you to combine shapes, but non-destructively. This feature is hard to find in other programs.
  • Game design – has several objects, icons, buttons, art boards and logos to spice thing up.
  • Advanced grids – you have control over angles, spacing, gutters and much more.
  • Accuracy is incredible – Affinity Designer provides the confidence to create error-free work.
  • Text to impress – whether it is artistic-text for the headlines or text for body copy, you can produce your own exquisite.
  • Snapping options – availability locking options and flexible guides.
  • Dynamic symbols – has symbols that allow you to create several versions of logos.

Other Affinity Designer features include:

  1. Over 1M-percent zoom
  2. Pixel & Vector feature
  3. Responsive Designs
  4. Unlimited Artboards
  5. Advanced-Memory System
  6. Advanced-File Support
  7. Asset management

A Massive Amount of Features

Affinity Designer has numerous amazing features. At the same time, it is a straightforward tool that can be used by both beginners and professionals.

Availability of the unlimited number of art-boards makes it an outstanding software.


It does not matter how complex or significant your project is; you can get the best with Affinity Designer.

There are many reasons as to why you should use Affinity Designer.

It is one software that offers a wide-ranging vector-drawing tool.

Some of the reasons why I use Affinity Designer include:

  • Affinity Designer has fantastic colors and an intuitive user interface.
  • It features a 1-million zoom
  • I can easily import and export projects
  • Has Pixel-Persona that allows me to edit my vector drawings easily
  • I can quickly create logo designs with the ready-made shapes.

What are the benefits of using Affinity Designer?

1. Easy to design professional graphics due to its versatility of great features.

2. Availability of essential tools such as brushes, pen tool, text tool and many more make the graphics professional and well-presented.

3. It is easy to create unique shapes using curve tools.


4. Easy to add 3D effects to your shapes.

5. There are various types of export options for your designs.


  • Available on Mac OS and Windows with incredible file-format compatibility.
  • Has standard layer effects that include glows, shadows, 3D, outline and many more.
  • Customizable workspace where you can choose light/dark UI.
  • Availability of asset-management helps you create a gallery of items.
  • This software has a massive library of keyboard-shortcuts for menu functions, controls, views, and tools.
  • You have the power to change objects size, position, and rotation.
  • Has pressure editor to decrease or add pressure-profile curves along the way.
  • Easy to import objects, images, brush strokes or art-work inside the existing shape.
  • You can distribute objects automatically.


  • Some people claim that Affinity was unable to open sketch files.
  • It can be complicated when using it for the first time.
  • It has a broad learning curve.



As an experienced designer, I recommend the Illustrator alternative Affinity Designer to both beginners and professional designers.

It is one program that can help experts create projects and illustrations with the accuracy needed in this field.

Keep in mind that you can zoom more than 1-million percent.

The zooming feature is so useful mainly when you are working on art-boards with a lot of details.

Apart, from the zooming feature, Affinity Designer offers a grid system that allows you to set up grids.

You also have full control over angles, spacing, gutters, and subdivisions.

In general, this software is a fantastic tool for both learners and professional designers.

Learning how to use the software is not so complicated once you start learning the basics.

Also, you have the choice of purchasing an official manual for Affinity Designer that teaches basic and advanced features.

Even though some people say it's not an easy program, I have enjoyed every bit of the program.

Affinity Designer is a beautiful full-featured tool suited for creating detailed icons and graphics illustrations.

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2 Responses to “Affinity Designer Review – An Illustrator Alternative”

  1. Simon Degay says:

    Not really a finished app

    I have been trying to integrate Affinity Designer into a professional workflow for a number of years now but I've come to the conclusion that it's just too painful and there is nothing to indicate that this will improve.

    Back when I first purchased this app the developers were promising a roadmap of future improvements which would bring it closer to some of the industry-standard vector apps out there. It's been two years now and not a single thing on that list has been implemented. The few updates which have come down the line have focused on things like the app icon.

    The developers have moved on to other projects, and it seems to me that for all intents and purposes, development on this software has been abandoned. I wouldn't wish to speculate if this software will even be supported in a few years.

    So we're left with an app which lacks some of the most fundamental vector editing tools. With the exception of skew, vectors cannot be distorted in any way (including perspective) and it even lacks a knife tool. These are tools which are actually provided by many free editors.

    Furthermore, many tools are very poorly implemented. Convert to curves produces hilariously unusable results and things like Offset Path simply don't exist. The developers themselves are notoriously unresponsive to please for further development.

    Since going cross-platform there have been many reports of Designer's instability and since the implementation of Apples Metal API this has only gotten worse. Add to this that this (and in fact all this developer's apps) suffer from horrendous display artefacts and ghosting, and I would have to say that if you are a professional designer or remotely serious about your work that there are much better choices out there.

    People who are seriously claiming that this is a viable alternative to Adobe Illustrator either have no design training or have never used Illustrator.

    • Tony says:

      Hi Simon,
      According to your comment, it seems you've been designing longer
      than I have. However, you opened up a whole new world I never knew.
      This is great that you have informed us about the company because
      we need to know the truth.

      A company that doesn't keep their products
      updated is pretty much a dead one. I never had any issues with
      Affinity Designer yet, but if I do, I will definitely be contacting them.
      So if you asked me which software program is best for professional use,
      I would go with Adobe Illustrator.

      Adobe keeps all their products updated and has the latest technology
      for each of their software programs. The problem with Adobe is that
      users have to continuously pay to use their software. But with
      Affinity Designer, you only pay once and keep it forever.

      My original objective when I created this article was to help designers that
      couldn't or didn't want to pay for a subscription.
      So I bought and reviewed Affinity Designer based on my experience
      with the design software.

      I would have to agree with you one hundred percent
      that there are better alternatives out there and that people
      shouldn't buy software based on one review.

      I recommend reading comments like this one, going to the company's
      blog, finding information on art forums and of course in depth research.
      Simon I want to thank you for sharing that inside information with us
      and I know it's going to open a few eyes. From one designer to another,
      thank you so much for spending your time here on my blog. You're always
      welcome here.;0)

      Have a nice day!


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